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August 7th, 2007

@crafty184 the teachertube.com folks said at NECC they built teacher-tube on open source tools, so that app is definitely out there….

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new update to Safari 3 beta is crashing on me (mac side) for some reason… switched to Flock for my browser

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@djakes I think the answer IS yes, as long as they are editing DIFFERENT pages

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@chrislehmann the statists and reactionaries too often set the agenda and the tone for discussions like that…. those future PREVENTERS….

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@chrislehmann - ah. in that case you have my sympathies. :-(

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@chrislehmann - my encouragement would be to keep it balanced, at least a little - show some good things kids are doing online too…..

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good tutorial on manually adding ID3 podcast episode info with iTunes: http://urltea.com/16a8

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@crafty184 good idea - I will - it is always a bit of a breath-holding experience to upgrade… hopefully that will do the trick!

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my wordpress 2.2.1 installation stopped sending me emails when comments came in in mid-July. Have no idea why.

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installing the new Yahoo! Autosync on WinXP for Outlook calendar and contact syncs - so far so good - http://urltea.com/169z

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back on the twitter grid - back to back workshops in Irving and Spiro this week - a lot of driving!

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