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December 22nd, 2007

at the movie theater to see the new National Treasure film - with the whole family + grandparents!

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good article on why Larry Lessig is now tackling corruption instead of copyright law reform - http://tinyurl.com/2xvhy2

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@BlakeJ “smell-o-twitter is needed?” Please explain and elaborate further! :-)

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@datruss thanks for the del.icio.us tag then subscribe in google reader and star tip. I’m using that and it works GREAT!

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@kjarrett thanks— he was basically congratulating our USS Oklahoma digital learning project team on a job well done. Very nice!

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new post: Understanding the way forward for copyright reformers - http://tinyurl.com/2xsjzq

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my blog is back online. whew. i certainly don’t like outages. http://www.speedofcreati…

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@jameshollis haven’t seen Bourne Ultimatum. Live Free or Die Hard had good action but little plot, pretty silly. I would go with Bourne.

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@jtsmith2 I haven’t seen “Chalk.” Was it good enough to recommend?

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@tammyworcester So glad you’re promoting voicethread use via twitter! Go VoiceThread! :-)

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@techmaverick Mike: is your preso on “emerging mobile devices” available as a podcast, or downloadable slides. i would love to see/hear it!

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@WendyDrexler Have you tried voicethread.com yet on your XO laptop? I’d love to know how the site works on the XO.

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@palisade14 cool - a fellow Edmond twitterer! Glad to make your acquaintance!

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@aglick35 a break from technology certainly CAN be good for spousal relations…

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watching our girls do impromptu singing and dancing “shows” for our family audience in front of the fire. Entertainment at its best!

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my blog site and ISP’s main site are down (powweb.com). i am not happy with this…..

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just ate the first round of sausage balls of the holiday season. all is well with the world.

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