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January 3rd, 2008

new post: We DO need other low cost alternatives to OLPC - http://tinyurl.com/2h4h2p

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waiting with John Mayer for the world to change? Obama won Iowa. Perhaps change is near. http://tinyurl.com/25upjz

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@adrianbruce thanks for the ref to http://explore.twitter.c… - interesting visualizer

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@InmanCat Hi Jared! Good to make your acquaintance via twitter. is it cold in Inman, Kansas, today?!

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@miczl thanks for the reference to http://feedjumbler.com - hadn’t heard of that feed river creator before - do u have a list of others?

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@keytech i don’t think so, i haven’t seen one. i think conferences should setup twitter accounts and have all attendees join.

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@edtechhacks PBwiki is my favorite. I like that private wikis are free. I’ve used it a lot and am most familiar w/it I guess. Good interface

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@aschmitz do you have a website where you’ve posted links to some of your programming/development projects?

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@briancsmith sorry to hear of the game loss. tough life lessons, but good reasons for kids to play sports. value even in losing…

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@kmurray352 let’s schedule that skype or ichat panel discussion for later in Jan that we discussed last year! :-)

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@rrmurry i think the reasons people change vary, but appealing to both the emotions and the intellect is a good idea.

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hoping to finish my end of year report this morning, summarizing 365 days of work in a terse, bulleted and goal/outcome format.

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@KarenJan i’d say that statement is clearly laden with “instructionist” assumptions about learning!

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off to Friday morning men’s group. a bit late. it’s COLD today! (was yesterday too, coldest it’s been all winter in Oklahoma i think)

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@becksintex David Attenborough, and he IS great! I didn’t realize there was another version. I just love his voice. a “golden voice” 2b sure

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@palisade14 we haven’t made the move to HD yet. still watching on a 27” Sony. but, still amazing video to watch!

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until further notice, in all encrypted and classified communications, you can refer to me simply as “The Drake”

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watching “Planet Earth” episode “Jungles” with the whole family. I LOVE this video series!

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new post: Want E-learning job leads? Get Linked-In! - http://tinyurl.com/2b47ud

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