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January 15th, 2008

@thekyleguy see examples #5 for post-secondary podcasting - http://teachdigital.pbwi…

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@The_Oilman thanks for the link to web huddle! hadn’t seen it.

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@jdungan yes that IS a GREAT graphing site! my son has been using it to graph our alliance on Travian! http://arnorlegion.pbwik…

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@jimlerman Hi Jim! We need to follow up with Jamie O on the k12online PD database. just added that to my taskpaper list of to do’s…

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@blendedlearning yes indeed. it is. nice twitterID btw

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@mwedubloggers I wish I was out in SF with you all this year! Please tell Mike L to invite me back in 2008! :-)

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@lihonda if you’re looking for a great voicethread project check out great book stories! http://greatbookstories….

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@abaralt Anna, what’s the URL to your kindergarten weather wiki? i’d love to see it!

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@PWoessner hey patrick! i had a great skype call with elizabeth and karen m today— you all are doing some AWESOME things! :-)

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@ELanghorst happy new year eric! i owe you a podcast with some nebraska intro music. which song do i use?

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@mhendricks1012 what’s the best way to get oklahoma school district leaders to follow your district’s example with 1:1?! My burning question

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@barblcohen indeed, web-based apps are the BOMB. i’ve been without my own macbook for 10 days now and it has been less painful 4 that reason

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@jdwilliams i’m thinking we’ll see lots more interesting apps for both the Touch and iPhone after the developer kit is released in February

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@joensharo this is a late reply, you need to include @username… sadly no, i’m not attending TCEA this year, 1st time to miss since 1997

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@k_eepps keep trying! we need more English speaking, twitter using educators in Switzerland! :-)

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@mrneedleman you are most welcome! i was excited to see that twitter change… now if they just made it easier to view new followers…

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@techmancolby as a new iPod Touch owner/user I’m sure you’re fired up about Apple’s new applications for the touch announced today!

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@ratzelster indeed, music does help. and i love pandora too… haven’t used it in awhile tho, need to revisit it!

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@pnwood i’m not abandoning google reader yet!

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@spetermann thanks for the link to ulib via your blog! http://www.ulib.org/

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@quirkytech i disagree. blogging is a communications modality, not a genre.

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@lainiemcgann i’ve been exploring your websites, diigo links, etc— looks like you all are up to some great work in NMUSD!

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@bobsprankle can’t wait to hear Tim Tyson’s preso.. thanks for posting it! Sadly my macbook is still in repair so i can’t sync my ipod now..

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@bbelardi I like those guidelines for lifelong learning you blogged about? Do you have a URL for those?

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@kassissieh well, arriving late with a technology does permit a company to go to school on the mistakes of others…

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new post: Welcome change to Twitter conversations - http://tinyurl.com/yoyn7b

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was going to read articles for my dissertation research tonite, ended up writing 2 unrelated blog posts. sign. signs of blogging addiction?

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@cburell i’ve added that task to the list i compiled today using taskpaper… goal: have it to you by week’s end!

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@cburell ah yes. thanks for another needed reminder. my macbook has been with apple repair for 10 days but i think i have it on backup…

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new post: Content filtering and packet shaping going mainstream? http://tinyurl.com/2jzfzr

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awaiting the arrow of light ceremony - Alexander will be up there next year bridging over to Boy Scouts

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so I guess peoplefeeds is dead? what/who in the world is “Shift Market?”

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@teach42 that is a big relief steve. i had my suspicions but i’m glad you’ve clarified things ;-)

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working on applying GTD principles today - reviewed projects and tasks, now on to some top priorities for the day

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finished “following my followers” tonight. gosh. what is this conversation going to be like in 5 years?

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@thecleversheep so glad you’re on twitter! :-) Best response to cell phone bans I’ve seen is Doug Johnson’s - http://tinyurl.com/273bok

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