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January 19th, 2008

@lloydcrew you are most welcome! i’ll post a podcast of the preso after monday. i’m enthused as this is a student conference!

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85 slides done! now tomorrow I’ll just need to add the wiki links… http://teachdigital.pbwi…

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@epaxton well, i subscribe to the “lessig method” for presentations. few words on slides, lots of images. certainly faster to create…

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@klmontgomery right. but there’s so much to say…. always a challenge. i’m doing far less formal prep for my breakouts!

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80 outline slides done, now adding flickr creative commons images…

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@klmontgomery agreed. i’m trying to cut back in 2008. a bit. :-)

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starting on my PPT presentation for Monday’s keynote. It’s planned, but not made… yet!

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@WillyB that’s awesome. when i started blogging stuff like this was called “The Warlick Effect!” Glad I could be an amplifier 4u. Good post!

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new post: Helping Mom Move to Google Docs - http://tinyurl.com/yun5k4

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just got back from an amazing Konza Prairie tour a/ my old scoutmaster as our docent.. Saw over 100 bison! Recorded the docent commentary!

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@WillyB i am loving tweetscan to RSS. now i can follow all my direct @wfryer messages!

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@becksintex there are great helps on voicethread.com under HELP - TUTORIALS - they used to have a PDF quickstart but i can’t find it now…

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@fleep just found your blog and UCit podcasting project thanks to @kjarrett - are faculty liking os x server for blogging and podcasting?

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