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January 28th, 2008

@mrlembke well, my site is a blog, and sometimes content filters block all blogs. see if you can request the URL to be whitelisted….

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new post: Plagiarism, WikiPedia, and encouraging students to CARE about digital ethics - http://tinyurl.com/2wv3w7

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@dnorman i’m certainly happy to let you all keep and maintain all the awards in a “cold weather tolerance” competition! ;-)

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new post: Advice for schools embarking on the 1:1 journey? - http://tinyurl.com/yvng7t

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@shareski Canadiens certainly have a different tolerance level for cold… I know my wife would NEVER go for that on a long term basis…

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@pollockburke ok, well then I’ll stick with windy and dusty in oklahoma city then…. :-)

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dusty, blustery, nasty morning in Oklahoma City. Cold and windy. Reminds me of infrequent west Texas dust storm days.

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new post: Digital Citizenship Q&A Round #2 - http://tinyurl.com/yo9nfb

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@eisrnnr5 thanks for the reference the Borders Open Door Poetry contest. Wow.

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@petrock Greetings to you Peter, over the pond in Taiwan! Welcome to the Twitterverse, where everyone is a twit and proud of it! :-)

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@Steph731 for project help, i recommend you twitter a blog post link that gives specifics and details…

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@ffoxworth i have not had positive experiences uploading to teachertube either. not real pleased with it overall… don’t like all the ads

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@tonitones Hello Toni, all the way down in Hamilton NZ! Wow, summer holiday. I so wish that was my context right now! :-)

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@nicolekim Hi Narae! If you’re looking for more south Korean twitter users connect with @cburell - aka Clay Burell

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@CdnMathTeacher Erin, have you considered trying mathcasts with voicethread for teaching proofs? http://math247.pbwiki.com

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@becksintex I would start with voicethread.com instead of podcasting. My podcasting intro workshop is on http://tinyurl.com/2wwau9

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@dinae in response to your profile challenge on twitter’s utility - try using it for a backchannel conversation at a conference…

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@EdVibesProducer use tweetscan to make an RSS feed, than bring that into facbook news feeds - http://www.tweetscan.com/

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@pchoi9323 have you written a blog post or shared on a wiki your project description and goals?

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@michaellepark indeed. political satire is one of my primary ways to learn about politics. :-)

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@tcooper66 for more on mobile phones for learning check out karen montgomery’s great workshop and preso - http://tinyurl.com/2erqty

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@sendkathy i am @wfryer btw - @wes doesn’t go directly to me…. :-)

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@sendkathy so what was your overall take on the message? just change schools, or articulating a compelling vision for changing schools?

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new post: Two Million Minutes: A call for educational change - http://tinyurl.com/2u2863

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