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February 26th, 2008

on the ferry from Seattle to Bainbridge Island…e

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on top of the Space Needle (observation deck) in Seattle. Breathtaking!

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@mdionne Mike- that voicethread shows it is open for public comment, if you are logged into voicethread you should be able to comment…

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@garystager hey that is great! if you have time it would be great to grab a coffee or lunch together - i’ll direct msg you my cell #

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@tonyvincent human and culinary diversity is great in Seattle too! :-)

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@tonyvincent I will convey your regards. this is a GREAT city. pretty expensive, but a GREAT city. Geographic diversity here is superb!

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@klmontgomery no but i’ll ask for a copy!

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@mahlness wifi at the NCCE conference (in my workshop room) was rockin FAST tonight. I’m on my cell data card now, and it’s pretty speedy 2

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@ELanghorst are you presenting Wed? I’m just presenting in the morning. Want to have lunch together? SMS or call tomorrow! :-) c u soon!

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@dabernethy we did see some amazing fruit at the Pike market today… we may have to try some of the strawberries, basedon your your praise!

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@NancyWhite @mahlness thanks for the welcomes! i am SO thrilled to be here!!!!!

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@techchick94 I will do some live sessions Thurs and Fri if I can borrow my wife’s macbook - schedule is on http://tinyurl.com/2f3jvy

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new post: Responses to Growing Up Online - http://tinyurl.com/23nush

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1st workshop at NCCE is over. I’m ready for sleep!

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my 1st NCCE workshop starts in 1 hour

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