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June 18th, 2008

I have achieved a personal milestone which has been unfortunately RARE in my digital life. Inbox zero. But not on my personal email…

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new post: NECC 2008 Podcasters beware! New ISTE policy on new media conference coverage - http://twurl.nl/mxj604

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@jcurran303 thanks for the link to TwittEarth! Wow! http://twittearth.com/

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new post: Visualizing tweets - http://twurl.nl/au3bdr

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thanks to @swvalley for correcting me… Apparently PhotoStory3 DOES work fine on Windows Vista…

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@amichetti Wow, sounds like a busy but great summer of travel! Be safe! I hope to visit Hanoi some day. I have a friend there in a univ.

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@cgarrety Well, maybe I’ll get a cartoon mask and wear it around so people will recognize me. ;-)

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new post: Are teachers in your building parallel players? - http://twurl.nl/c4p7gw

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I finally set a twitter profile background image. several actually. but i think i’m sticking with this one. :-)

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@dmdanker So A was not real impressed with Crawdaddies. I thought it was ok but not up to our group’s normal AMAZING restaurant standards.

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@achurches What have the big changes in Geraldine been lately?

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@achurches I went to high school for about six weeks in Geraldine as part of an AFS Outdoor Skills Programme :-)

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