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October 9th, 2008

“Welcome to the Jungle” is a song that apparently will never go out of style at football games…

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@joelz is there a federal level of teacher certification?

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@wjohnsen I saw $2.75 on Sunday here in Oklahoma City

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@joelz states certify teachers here in the US

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@joelz yes. High numbers of alternatively certified teachers are contentious in some circles.

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new post: Help needed with Packeteer and Videoconferencing - http://twurl.nl/2y3nja

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new post: Connecting our world and our generational responsibility to do better - http://twurl.nl/207hy8

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@n2teaching that tweet exchange about royalties at football games pertained to music played over the loudspeakers, not band songs. :-)

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new post: The practical car of the future today: Natural gas AND gasoline powered! - http://twurl.nl/ggoz5x

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@dancallahan wow, thanks for that info and link. I’d always wondered. http://www.ascap.com/lic…

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@WillyB I wonder if royalties are being paid to those musical artists every time their song is played at a football game?

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