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October 10th, 2008

@ssandifer excellent, thanks for the heads-up tweet, I will look for the email

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@elmofromok We went to Tres Suenos vineyard, 6 miles north of Luther - http://www.tressuenos.co…

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@elmofromok very cool, thanks. I had not heard of this. We need Tulsa Okies to post tech events to http://lc.celebrateoklah…

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@cbearsolutions I read about the report on some blogs last December when it came out, and our OK Creativity Project Educ Comm is reading it

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@elmofromok who sponsored the event? Were any presos webcast or recorded for podcasts?

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Had a great afternoon exploring west of Edmond to Luther. Gorgeous day. Visited a vineyard. Shopping now for supper! No mowing today!

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@bcdtech google temple university media education lab. Best media literacy curriculum I have seen.

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I got that reversed “Tough Choices or Tough Times.”

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I’m ordering a paper copy of “Tough Times or Tough Choices.” Wish I could order a full ebook version. http://www.skillscommiss…

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@dabigleap yes well, @klmontgomery ‘s last tweet seemed to invite some Zen-speak. I haven’t read a good Koan in a long time actually!

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@MikeGras excellent. even if you post infrequently I think it will be valuable. consider a team blog. 120 characters is often too limiting!

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@head_geek that is our plan today too! Hopefully my last time to mow for the year.

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It is another rare to find Krispy Kreme morning! Yum! Carbs taste do good when they are consumer so rarely!

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@klmontgomery I find my greatest inspiration from the koans of my Twitter network friends. They help me become “the grasshopper.”

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@dancallahan I’m not expecting a $350 laptop from Apple either. But I do think we’ll see the pricepoint drop.

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@MikeGras Interesting. If you blog that longer story at some point please tweet me the link. I’d like to hear the full tale.

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new post: Chinesepod and Connectivism: More connections lead to more learning - http://twurl.nl/rdirs0

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getting distracted from prepping my keynote by facebook. gosh that is so easy to do…

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@MikeGras Hate is a very strong word. Why so much animosity there?

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@knowclue Yeah, I really don’t like the new iMovie compared to the old timeline version. But Win MovieMaker? I REALLY don’t like using it…

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@ronhoutman wow, that’s a HUGE battery life difference. Thanks for sharing. I’m glad to see Dell selling Ubuntu preinstalled tho. A start.

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new learning signs post: Sisters perform (dance) at football halftime - http://twurl.nl/2f6lgo

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Checking out the Dell Inspiron Mini 9. $350. Wow. How will Apple respond next week on Tuesday? http://tinyurl.com/6mpeqy

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working on my keynote for TechCon in Chicago next Friday http://events.iasbo.org/…

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@@klmontgomery …a regular part of our day, when we reflect and process learning - this is the evaluation step we often skip b/c of time

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@klmontgomery Please don’t feel bad about posting. I do think, however, sharing our learning journeys can become a more seamless process…

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@budtheteacher In my book anecdotes from the trenches certainly DO count! I’d like to see some academic research statistics too tho.

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If you get a chance to see Applalousa, don’t. Ed Harris should have hired more talented writers. Poor character development. No heart.

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@spbivona late replies are welcome in our asynchronous landscape! I want to know stats for alternative cert teacher retention…

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