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October 17th, 2008

new post: Combining RSS feeds with Yahoo Pipes - http://twurl.nl/2n4jbd

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@lkolb @drezac the presentation citation was for your blog and book Liz. And that I learned about http://www.geograffiti.c… from you!

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new post: Images and Experiences from TechCon 2008 near Chicago today - http://twurl.nl/v5xnaf

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@mrlosik @MariaK I would love to come to Michigan and NH some day as well! :-)

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@suewaters Yes, certainly. Sue Lister is setting up the feeds I think, last I read from @dkuropatwa - I will check for you

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@klmontgomery It was great! Very fun but tiring day. Wish I could do that at least once per month!

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50 photos from TechCon08 today and my journey to and from are uploaded, titled and tagged! http://tinyurl.com/6oa8ra

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Just noticed I turned 180,000 miles on Thursday enroute to the airport. I love Toyotas!

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@klmontgomery thanks for the alert on Flickr’s facelift!

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@cheryloakes50 Cheryl can get me invited to present at ACTEM next year?I would love to come to Maine and meet all the seedlings in person!

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Just touched down in OKC. Is the rising moon amazing tonight over North America or what?!

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@bengrey great to meet you too Ben. I agree the conference was a lot of fun today!

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so are http://www.polleverywher… and http://www.textmarks.com from the same company or group of innovators? Both SMS to 41411.

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(sharing 3G cell phone network bandwidth)

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Today was a day of several firsts - BYOB (bandwidth) and I shared it with folks in each session - my MacBook shared the connectivity great!

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3G connectivity in the Chicago area today was VERY poor at the Midway airport. It was great in Naperville at the TechCon08 conference

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hey @klmontgomery - I’m in St Louis! But just in the airport. Our flight is enroute to OKC and I’m not getting off - but I thot I’d say hi!

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