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November 7th, 2008

Watching my kids play in the jumping house and inflatible slide on the OC campus. Another glorious fall Saturday in Oklahoma!

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@ScottWilliams howdy! I don’t know about the title “big dawg” but i definitely do love learning via twitter! :-)

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new post: Gong Show dreams amidst amazing tales of Oklahoma and midwest history - http://twurl.nl/a582pz

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@palisade14 You have some time left, Mr. Banks. You have some life left. My advice to you is: live it well. :-)

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@jameyo @milobothanks for the reminder about magnatune for free podcast audio - http://www.magnatune.com…

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@katiemorrow excellent, thanks for the jamendo link for royalty free music! http://www.jamendo.com/e…

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Thanks @barbs1 I had 1 of the sites you listed but 2 are new to me!

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@funnymonkey Thanks Bill, that WP mobile edition plugin looks great - http://alexking.org/proj…

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Madagascar 2 is cute - a fun flick. Haven’t seen a Joe v Volcano reference like this before…

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Our COV workshops in OKC and Tulsa today went well. I am relieved the weekend is here!

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Does anyone recommend any other royalty-free or podcast friendly music sites to add to this list? http://tinyurl.com/663esa

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@aureliom there may be too many banners and widgets in my blog sidebars… I have thought about cutting down. Load time can be slow.

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@aureliom I would like to have a mobile text only version of my wordpress blog available. Not sure if there is a plug-in for that?

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