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January 19th, 2009

It’s a wonderful day on the rollercoaster of life. Lots of great blessings to count today.

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@mspahr @cgarrety glad to hear you all are using Google Video fine with Firefox. Not sure what my issues were.

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@russeltarr I haven’t researched for a good call recorder for Google Video Chat yet. Call Recorder for Skype is fantastic for podcasting.

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@whitechrisf1 I haven’t gotten that all circuits busy msg from Gabcast generally - but do at rush hour when cell phones are in max use…

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@kellie80 Idefinitely agree an iPhone app for basecamp would be great. Monitoring the RSS feed via a custom iPhone app would be a good start

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@WebGalPat Yes, I bought a Loreena McKinnitt album for my wife about a year ago and we enjoy her music as well. :-)

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@comindwork the project group I’m working with chose our software so I didn’t have a choice in this case. thanks for the link tho

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@klmontgomery I did give it a try over the weekend a bit, but Alex played to level 35 or something… :-)

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@dmantz7 I love Evernote. I am using it for almost all my notetaking now. Love the iPhone read/write access and backup sync to the web.

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@jennymoon I use Call Recorder for mac to record in Skype - http://www.ecamm.com/mac…

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@ittosde I have not used Pages a ton but I do like it so far. I still miss Clarisworks. :-)

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@heymilly I still have it posted from Dreamweaver, I ought to change that but time required would be big… http://twurl.nl/evx7ap

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Watching inauguration coverage live on Ustream.tv - http://twurl.nl/c47fsq

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new post: Watch and Read Citizen Journalist Reports from the Inauguration Tuesday - http://twurl.nl/omsg4q

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new post: iPhone Ustream and ISTE on Facebook - http://twurl.nl/odljxy

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new post: Making homework into classwork with mastery learning - http://twurl.nl/tpxsyc

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@chollingsworth I think there were about 300 teachers there but I am not sure. I think Google Video chat is quality equivalent to skype.

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