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January 27th, 2009

@katieshy Congrats on communicating the value of social media to your mom today! Perhaps you can have luck with my school board?!

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RT @mmuir @AngelaMaiers Obama White House Channel on YouTube. - http://twitclicks.com/pq…

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thanks @cogdog for the pointer to Argument Map! http://www.amap.org.uk/

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I think bailout dollars are being poorly spent, but maybe I’m naive. Larry Lessig confirms some of my worst fears. http://tinyurl.com/baaqcv

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new post: AMTRAK discount for NECC 2009 - http://twurl.nl/wr582m

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At last! An online application to become a co-facilitator for the Celebrate Oklahoma Voices project is available! - http://twurl.nl/5kbtge

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@russeltarr for some reason Flittr is not authenticating me now. Not sure what is up.

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Using Spring Cleaning in Feedly to unsubscribe or re-subscribe 2 blogs w/ changed RSS feeds or that have gone dark - http://bit.ly/22jwLK

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@ELanghorst No we didn’t feel the earthquake here. It was south of OKC. That’s surprising! http://tinyurl.com/b6gfos

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@jamiers I just read about it on TechCrunch from Robin Wauters. Looks trustworthy but does require login. http://tinyurl.com/azkl5q

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trying out the filttr adobe air app - http://filttr.com/app/

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@celticblde that question deserves more than 140 characters! I did a podcast series on the attention economy - http://tinyurl.com/cfwyrd

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@shareski I saw that Dreambox list this morning, @jed send me a DM on it. Interesting. Not sure what 2 think. These lists spark controversy

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Google provides many options now to customize your public user profile. I’ve made several edits to mine. http://tinyurl.com/bms74s

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New tech-related vocab word of the day: Warez - http://en.wikipedia.org/…

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new post: Numeracy and Reading Development with the iPhone Weather App - http://twurl.nl/fuv46t

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I’m not sure most of us (myself included) are prepared for the full implications of the participatory attention economy…

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Educators using social media R still in the minority in most schools. As participation increases, the# of conversations are going2 skyrocket

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