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March 29th, 2009

PodNova has a mobile version ideal for the iPhone, for streaming podcast subscriptions - nice - http://twurl.nl/psd8f4

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Skype is Coming to the iPhone. For Real. http://tinyurl.com/c47h6g

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new post: Learning about password security early, individual student logins at school - http://twurl.nl/ekmntx

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@djakes I got that Google Apps podcast from published last night

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@jimohagan yes but if you do have 3G coverage it is heaps better than Edge. I agree coverage needs to be expanded and improved BIG time

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@WillyB I think newspapers were a common form of regular one to many communication that persisted until the mid-21st century!

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@sbradshaw yes, no doubt that leaves our paltry spring break activities looking fairly bland. What fun!!!

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@ericswyatt ok I will look for your email - thanks!

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RT @Dowbiggin: @wfryer I send younger students to simple wikipedia when I want them to really just focus on the basic facts about a topic

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@honeymic yes, absolutely! I am going to work up some ideas for Storychaser kits” in advance if Podstock. Will Kevin bring his guitar?! :-)

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@girlfromkansas excellent - I think Podstock is going to be a blast!!!

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@ChrisParadise is looking for resources on using Google Docs at school. Links, anyone?

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@Kicode well, I really want 3G speeds for remote webcasting. So that has me eyeing an iPhone upgrade…

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@jennymoon not sure if a K12 YouTube Edu is coming or not. Good idea tho!

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@nharm I will post on Basecamp soon with more detail, I love the web-based tracking of project elements without emails!!!

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@ffoxworth that is the $1,000,000 question, isn’t it? I think an administrative focus on Creating, Collaborating and Communicating is key

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@katiemorrow thanks for the pointer to Disc Inventory X! I just saw your tweet - I was looking for that yesterday!

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I wish TwitterFon for iPhone supported direct posts to delicious and diigo

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@KansasNana I will check out that link! Thanks! And congrats on sending your first tweet replies! :-)

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@HelpdeskManager I do think the iLife09 upgrade is worth it- I am eager to try the new GarageBand “lessons”

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@lorenchuk so far I have just played with iPhoto 09 - the Flickr and Facebook integration is good. Face recognition is amazing!

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I think I should start writing a newspaper column on Digital Dialog / Digital Discipline.

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Just subscribed in Google Reader to “Teaching the Civil War with Technology” a father/daughter blog - http://blog.teachthecivi…

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RT @isteconnects A Father and Daughter Teaching with Web 2.0 Tools http://tinyurl.com/cngplt

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reading “there are more than 25,000 applications for the iPhone, of which about 1/4 are games ” - http://twurl.nl/alciid

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new podcast: Google Apps - Implementation and Changing the Way We Do Business (from CoSN09) - http://twurl.nl/21kqno

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new post: Solving a Macbook hard drive free space mystery - http://twurl.nl/drv3fm

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TwitterKarma is the most useful tool I’ve encountered yet for viewing followers and then following - http://dossy.org/twitter…

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@sbradshaw So what is the best way to spend spring break in Beijing?!

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@ericswyatt How are the book sales coming? I want to follow in your footsteps, Eric!

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@jbergland I’m delighted to find you on Twitter, and especially to discover your wonderful blog. Wow. You’re in my aggregator now - thanks!

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RT @zmanrdz Check out this SlideShare Presentation : Web Technology Trends for 2008 and Beyond from ReadWriteweb http://tinyurl.com/2p9ene

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@_levi_ you have a strange twitter name with those underscores. My last reply had an inadvertant space. glad to read you’re enjoying Freire.

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@ _levi_ glad to read you’re enjoying Freire. Powerful ideas.

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watching the end of Wall-E and working on publishing a podcast from

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Just discovered the Simple English WikiPedia. Simpler language. Interesting. http://simple.wikipedia….

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I added Disk Inventory X to my Google wiki site for Mac Applications I use - http://sites.google.com/…

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found the Mac OS X hard drive utility I was looking for too - Disk Inventory X - http://www.derlien.com - free, shows what’s taking up space

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thanks also to @timwilson @gadnur @MSansonetti @RndConnections @Hairynomas for AV cable reccs - http://www.monoprice.com = 1 I was looking4

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@ronhoutman @ncglass814 @franki22 @joebjr @JSW_EdTech thanks for all the reccs on AV cables. http://www.monoprice.com is the one I’d seen b4

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@vruz Hey I loved Yars Revenge on the Atari 2600! Spent hours playing it as a kid. Nice pic! :-)

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new post: Plan to attend PodStock May 1-2, 2009 in Wichita, Kansas! - http://twurl.nl/ktbd68

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I’ve drafted “Website Development Suggestions” as a Google Doc in advance of a meeting today with a nonprofit rep - http://twurl.nl/xvvxh7

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@isteconnects NECC09 Super Early-Bird registration deadline approaching fast! http://tinyurl.com/c5bzvh

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New post on the ISTE community Ning: ISTEconnects guest bloggers wanted! - http://twurl.nl/zaqwfg

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