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April 23rd, 2009

I am NOT pleased my 5 year old has re-arranged my iPhone icons… in Oklahoma City, OK http://loopt.us/-2VKUA.t

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The field of Sooner dreams: all the land stakes are now in place! in Oklahoma City, OK http://loopt.us/A6Sa8A.t

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Preparing for the 3rd grade land run at our school. in Oklahoma City, OK http://loopt.us/lzvg-g.t

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@chocxtc I am definitely going to get more info on that AUP situation

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@hpitler well, if I had a data backup from today and another MB waiting in the wings I might have considered it!

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@ittosde I will blog on it later… Audio probs too…

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@ittosde this is my old one and the same probs I have had for months, heat related HD spin up and stalls apps like QT video playback

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@charliemahoney rock and roll!!!!! That is awesome news!!! Congrats :-)

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RT @kathyschrock icloud. A new online OS with apps, storage, sharing. Works best in IE, but Firefox in beta. http://linkyy.com/1C

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Trying out Nambu free iPhone twitter, friendfeed and more client. Thanks Shannon F!

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