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June 8th, 2009

@sonnyj50 cool, I will try and do that Thurs before I leave, thanks. There is an old B&W photo of Noccalula Falls in my hotel room actually!

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@SharonHarper well then, I am tweeting thoughts of Alabama warmth and humidity your way then! Stay warm in that NZ winter wind!

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@klmontgomery ah, no. No tethering for me until I’m on that plan. :-)

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@plnaugle yes we stayed on the plane and arrived safely. It was a bit if a stark announcement tho: “Tge computer is broken!”

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@stmhoward quite possibly. What do you have in mind? Virtual or F2F?

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I-59N to Gadsten - there are so many trees!!! in Birmingham, AL http://loopt.us/R0SOPA.t

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Woo hoo! This midsize rental has a lot more pickup than my Honda Civic! in Birmingham, AL http://loopt.us/ifj5dA.t

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It is sunny and humid here in Birmingham! in Birmingham, AL http://loopt.us/m7vIWg.t

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@jameshollis that was a pictionary-twitter first! Lots of fun. I love pictionary. It’s all about communication, not drawing talent! :-)

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@BethStill it is great they captured that tornado footage. Some of the most impressive I have ever seen.

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@ericmacknight yes, a lot of schools definitely are about a lot of coercion. Schools shouldn’t feel or look like prisons, though…

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@ericmacknight sorry it is hard to find! I must need a bug feed logo. Click the technorati subscribers icon in the upper right sidebar

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The value of online, public web, asynchronously shared ideas is under appreciated by many people today most experienced with book learning

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@JSW_EdTech you are most welcome for the May 19th post link- glad to know you found and read it!

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@clifmims yes I have played a bit with tweetdeck. I like nambu’s support for multiple accounts better. Your thoughts?

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@davubu I would love to help if I can as you engage your school admins in learning about those topics! Glad you found the preso archive!

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The pilot just said our computer is broken. Good thing we haven’t left the gate yet. Maybe I should offer to loan him my iPhone?

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@ittosde sorry I missed your tweet yesterday! It would have been great to skype you into Shawnee!

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@Rhinopaul For my own use a MBPro is definitely worth the $. For new student 1:1 initiatives I would lean toward iTouches or Netbooks…

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@cnansen I totally agree - rigor does not have a pleasant definition, people use it all the time and may not really consider what it means

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@nashworld well I think AT&T deserves the criticism-How can they NOT be ready for MMS on the iPhone? Sounds like they will have tether plans

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@zbpipe @isteconnects yes I saw iPhone video editing demo on Apple’s site last night, very cool, wasn’t expecting that! Need it on iTouch 2!

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@Dowbiggin yes indeed, I admit I have a severe tabbing addiction! 92 at once is definitely ridiculous!

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@tazman0567 my iPhone kindle bailed me out! Has a nice conversation on the flight too!

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@ehvickery headed for Gadsden, all day podcasting workshop tomorrow!

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@tomgrissom what is WolframAlpha? You have a link?

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Evidence of why it’s hard to raise kids in our culture. (airport magazine rack) in Dallas, TX http://loopt.us/WAu2lQ.t

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My average serve time was 49 sec at our register. “Slow food” is unheard of in airports! in Dallas, TX http://loopt.us/7VXMPQ.t

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In DFW- so many people in line for MickyD’s! in Oklahoma City, OK http://loopt.us/MDrEaA.t

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Heading to Alabama today, just got on my first flight, can’t believe I forgot to bring my book! “The Worst Hard Time”

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RT @willrich45 Talking about Reading and Writing in St. Louis. Join us! http://bit.ly/naQj7

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new post: Discussing GirlsGoGames.com - A conversation about values and media literacy - http://bit.ly/1776SW

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thanks @willrich45 for new Wired article: Clive Thompson on the Future of Reading in a Digital World - http://bit.ly/HunrX

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Did I mention iPhone GS camera and video features look spectacular. On board video editing too. Amazing. http://bit.ly/lFQkH

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just watched the 13 min guided tour of iPhone GS. Wow. Voice control and voice recording look great. So do GMap updates- http://bit.ly/lFQkH

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new post: It must be time to restart - http://bit.ly/2zM1rj

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Great collection of iPhone and iTouch Education apps from Yappler - http://bit.ly/edhs5 thanks @bobsprankle

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new post and TEDvideo: Control your own destiny through education - http://bit.ly/K6OJk

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This is a good summary of current US debate on broadband policy - Reformers, ISPs clash on national broadband plan - http://bit.ly/HHcHZ

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@jen8570 we love Sonic too - esp the drinks! It started in Oklahoma City - headquarters is right downtown in Bricktown!

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@dobrien917 boy I would love to come to SF for the Moodlemoot or any other reason! MacWorld07 was my first visit there-my family wants 2go2!

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@HallDavidson thanks Hall. I think Ustream is updating their downloadable file options but I haven’t read an ETA for availability…

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@WiredEducator ustream is great for just in time educator PD-Webcasting and immediately web-archiving events too. No post-production is huge

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@techyturner as long as the projector bulb keeps going, right?

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@kstevens77 so glad you liked the podcast of @dmantz7 preso at !

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@davubu well, that reference to “a low quality printer” meant a fax machine! Got that from an Onion video “The Internet Has Crashed”

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@db2920 yes, I hope to start writing up that study on lecture phonecasting later this summer!

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@npratt thanks for the drawing feedback, I will pass it along to Rachel! :-)

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@davubu did you watch the eTechOhio keynote via slideshare, iTunesU, or something else?

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@GHuffstutler I would love to get out to CO sometime soon! I went to school just north of The Springs, you know! ;-) how are things going?

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@cyberteacher are you doing digital storytelling on the Choctaw reservation in MS? We should connect with Oklahoma Choctaw students…

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