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June 15th, 2009

@michavill who created your Ysleta Top10 Teachers 09-10 videos? Was it @torres21 -did you do it inhouse? GREAT work! - http://bit.ly/126VWS

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macam saves the day! this open source driver is working so we can use an old Kensington USB webcam with SAM stopmotion!- http://bit.ly/s9DKX

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new post: Sharing by default and empowering others to share - http://bit.ly/16HxmN

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RT @isteconnects: Blogging the Conference: We’ve come a long way in 3 years! - http://bit.ly/401OJV

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new post referencing a 3 year old old controversy: Blogging TCEA 2006: Create, Share & Access - http://bit.ly/MHnOY

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new learning signs post and AudioBoo: Getting the Black Belt and Becoming a Ninja in Club Penguin - http://bit.ly/eARXA

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AudioBoo: Getting The Black Belt In Club Penguin http://boo.fm/b30841

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new post: More amazing stopmotion examples - http://bit.ly/14pKWy

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@davidcosand oh my goodness I had not seen that. Almost unbelievable stopmotion! http://vimeo.com/4862670

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@MikeGras right. the “statists” in our midst will continue to seek education as they’ve known it no matter what, textbooks and all…

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@musicwms yes actually I have seen that. very funny! SLA students are so creative! :-) http://bit.ly/rba5Z

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@M_W no I missed it. do you have a link?

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RT @isteconnects: Suggest a Question to Be Answered by the Panelists of the debate at NECC http://bit.ly/N116c

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