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June 22nd, 2009

@JSW_EdTech I have OpenDNS on our router so all wifi devices are filtered, including A’s iTouch

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Whoa it’s another hot one here in Central Oklahoma. 100 F according to the bank. in Edmond, OK http://loopt.us/APLxvw.t

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@musicwms we’ve experimented with using Audacity markers but haven’t figured those out yet. So far pause is the best bet, but imperfect…

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@chamady that is GREAT! So glad it worked. Chalk another victory up for twitter just in time tech support :-)

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@tabor330 we also saw that pause stops it where you end, but after clicking stop we want the playhead to stop there. Could a marker work?

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@squirbel No, spacebar works just like stop, and the playhead goes back to the original starting position.

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Does anyone know how to make the playhead in Audacity stop where you stop playback, instead of going back to the original starting point?

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@ManuelGonzales thanks so much for sharing the Audacity effects tips yesterday! :-) http://bit.ly/R8wsf

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RT @isteconnects: Tips for advanced Audacity editingĀ - http://bit.ly/R8wsf

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@dmantz I am pretty sure @isteconnects is going to try and share/amplify as many live streams from as possible

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@dmantz7 I am hoping to Ustream sessions if I can find a small DV camcorder, the one I was going to use is out of commission.

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@bknittle wow I wish I could send some heat! 100 degrees F today according to our backyard thermometer - sticky mowing evening…

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@dobrien917 sounds great! We have a facebook group started for school social media policies. @klmontgomery can you please @reply the link?

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@chamady not sure. I had to connect myiPhone to”other network” option and manually select WPA. Make sure your password has enough characters

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