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July 6th, 2009

I feel like I am almost thru the woods of busyness w/NECC over and the Texas T3 grant deadline almost here. It’s been a crazy past 3 weeks.

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new post: How are you dealing with TMI? (Too Much Information) - http://bit.ly/NHlki

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@klmontgomery that IS A great photo. Memorial reflections can be powerful. This is one I took at Pearl Harbor in Dec07 - http://bit.ly/rb9pX

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@BarbInNebraska No, I haven’t tried Sightspeed yet myself. Our friends in Virginia used it from Belgium and had good results tho.

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I shared this @k12online 2008 preso “Kicking it up a Notch Back-channels in the Classroom” in my videoconference today - http://bit.ly/M06ET

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new post on Powerful Ingredients: PI for Tandberg Connections Program - http://bit.ly/g7PDW (new SlideShare)

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Learned about SightSpeed this weekend for the first time - desktop videoconferencing like Skype or iChat - http://bit.ly/xdUWh

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fantastic list of 45 creative digital art websites and tools from @Mrs_Smoke - http://bit.ly/qAO4g

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AudioBoo: Why I Have A Long Shadow Now http://boo.fm/b38123

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