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July 26th, 2009

Why is Dell charging the same for netbooks that ship with Ubuntu and WinXP Home? Ubuntu netbooks should be cheaper!!! - http://bit.ly/FKDQh

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@sammorra I agree, I love ecamm’s call recorder for skype on the mac too!

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Sarah’s new waterproof arm cast! (very pink!) in Oklahoma City, OK http://loopt.us/aUeQYA.t

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Fantastic Clay Shirkey video on social media power, impact of all consumers now having producer power - http://www.newurl.us/u/?…

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says my 9 year old broke her arm last week, small buckle fracture. just saw new xray today on dr’s netbook- ge… http://plurk.com/p/1e2bts

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Sarah’s arm X-Ray of her buckle fracture today- orthopedic dr showed it on his netbook! in Oklahoma City, OK http://loopt.us/y6kKcA.t

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Reviewing passport requirements for Rachel, to go to Hong Kong with us in September. in Oklahoma City, OK http://loopt.us/NygoGQ.t

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@JSW_EdTech when are your presos scheduled for this week?

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@JSW_EdTech hmm, ok. I am looking for a mobile-based way to do this. I will search diigo discussions for this topic….

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Just used the free RunKeeper app for iPhone to track my walk today. It logged distance, speed, and even drew a map of my route! Amazing!

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@JSW_EdTech so then diigo will sync the new iPhone bookmarks when connected to iTunes?

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@laurasuebux thanks for recommending Bolero! It was great- best Sangria Shelly has ever had! Meatball tapa was amazing too. :-)

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@TParks yes I will look for your email, thanks!

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Just saw HP6 for the 2x. Good movie. Rowling is no Tolkien or Lewis, however. in Oklahoma City, OK http://loopt.us/uM86pw.t

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