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December 5th, 2009

@okwritingproj do you all help Oklahoma teachers setup blogs for their school or classroom? Who is the POC for that?

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@amichetti I used the default one in Genres - Holidays - Christmas on the Pandora site. :-)

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@jenwagner that FTC announcement a few weeks was the impetus for the disclosure policy… nothing worse! :-)

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h/t @kernkelley Google Buys EtherPad Maker for Google Wave http://ow.ly/J3SY

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I’ve made quite a few additions and changes to my blog disclosure policy http://bit.ly/8CWCi7

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New blog post: Lessons learned using Ustream Recorder for iPhone http://bit.ly/65pUKI

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RT @jimknight99: study shows teachers in small sys and elem schools report more instructional leadship than large sys and HS

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RT @HipHopScholars @jimknight99: If you are not modeling what you are teaching, then you are teaching something else. -Marsha Tate

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Yes! RT @milobo: “Without the development, it’s not a profession but just a job.” Statement on importance of PD from

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Great ?: RT @theresagray: How do we start to connect schools/districts to learn from one another rather than compete?

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@ittosde that is good- I was glad to see OTA has an online submittable app

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@jenwagner did you find the FTC blogger disclosure policy link? You can search my blog for ” FTC” to find it

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@BethStill Interesting. I checked and our OTA has an electronic form. So at least that is positive… interesting tho about TN and NE…

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@BriceRoyer well, I’d definitely like to play a role in that :-) I think @k12online and @storychasers are playing a role…

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@betchaboy no but I would certainly love to! :-) (I don’t think just being in the Sydney airport really counts, does it?!)

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bryanjack Please pass along to music\choir\band teachers:The Skinny on this whole Musical Christmas Collaboration: Phase 1 http://bit.ly/5emNuG

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@BriceRoyer How wonderful to have you participating in @k12online and sharing those resources related to Kim’s keynote. :-)

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Had an org book me for a Feb 2011 conference recently. Now that is planning ahead! Fortunately I use iCal…

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@jed I really like using FeedForAll for RSS feeds. It will debug lines for you - commercial tho. http://www.feedforall.com

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@halcombk glad to hear your local DEN meetup was inspiring :-)

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Tennessee @iste @isteconnects affiliate requires a PRINTED application! Via @teryl_magee http://ow.ly/J4kR

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@amichetti you are most welcome! Ad free holiday music is such a a beautiful thing! :-)

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