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December 9th, 2009

@RecessDuty We’ll I’m not an official spokesperson, just a dabbler! :-) I haven’t used photo uploads with Hootsuite yet… so I’m not sure.

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@jed please share: Netbooks and full size laptops for Oklahoma 1:1 Schools (15 Dec 2009 event) http://ow.ly/1mIP9C

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- Better than unicorns? Perhaps. http://hootsuite.com/iph… (I seriously love this $2 app. Yes, I tweeted this promo!)

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@sharonbetts I would love to visit w you sometime before next Tues about how your netbook rollout went and is going now

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RT @acrozier22: Have you subscribed to the @k12online Conference podcast channel yet? http://tinyurl.com/yheod…

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Great 2nd meeting today with students for our project on Clara Luper and Oklahoma civil rights history in … http://loopt.us/s0qZaA.t

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storychasers Netbooks and full size laptops for Oklahoma 1:1 Schools (15 Dec 2009 event) http://ow.ly/KEJf

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@Webspiration How can I change my default fill color, so when I am using rapid fire the new bubbles are the new color?

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Hootsuite for iPhone - sweet! http://hootsuite.com/iph… thanks @kristenswanson

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markwagner Just in case you didn’t see that Groups is now part of Google Apps - as of this morning. :) http://bit.ly/6dDJzf

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Anyone know how to change the default bubble color in http://www.mywebspiratio… ?

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Humility with bold words: NYT- Accepting Peace Prize, Obama Evokes ‘Just War’ http://flne.ws/21937317 on Fluent News

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@kewyrick you can bet they won’t. carriers are corporations. they act predictably.

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k12online New post: K12Online09 Day 4 Presentations: 10 December 2009 http://bit.ly/5a3gTX

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New blog post: iPhone LIVE Webcasting to UStream, Tiered iPhone Data Plans, Exaflood Rumors http://bit.ly/4R1pAk

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Reading: Tiered AT&T pricing to target heavy data usage http://flne.ws/21918603 on Fluent News

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Thanks for free holiday wifi at the airport! in Oklahoma City, OK http://loopt.us/bUILRQ.t

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@stevehargadon excellent Steve! Thanks. I will plan on it. Making those hotel plans now, in fact :-)

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@BethStill Yes absolutely! And I think I will! We’re talking about maybe inviting multiple @k12online past presenters to share also!

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RT @ReadyTOFeedBack: Short effective feedback-often inspires learning tweet 6 word story communicates essence of 21C learning

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RT @Krochmal: Students know more than they realize.

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I’m going to try Ustreaming my son’s orchestra concert tonight w/iPhone- If you see “live on Ustream” auto tweet later, that is the event!

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