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February 23rd, 2010

Geek happiness is: a $1000 laptop display repair that is free b/c it’s under warranty! (AppleCare)

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RT @mguhlin: Texas Board of Education Thwarts Bond Funding of Technology http://ff.im/-guNHB

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RT @dwarlick: …tech conferences should start having mobile versions of their web sites.

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@dwarlick absolutely! That is why CMS platforms like which can support mobile interfaces are so powerful / good!

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@courosa isn’t that terrible?! I saw that headline last night. Thank you GW Bush and pro-NCLB legislators :-(

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@jelkimantis I wish I had a bit more CSS knowledge - my current theme needs some coding tweaks and it is beyond my geek quotient

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@jrsowash that is great they can provide you with download stats! We need to get an iTunesU portal for @k12online!

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@argo1a thanks- we found it under manage site. We didn’t actually need to edit the external template

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One of my best images to date: Inside the Apple Store at OKC Penn Square http://ow.ly/1peJZy

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@jrsowash wow that is GREAT! Where are you getting your podcast download stats? From your own server or from iTunes?

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Anyone have a good tutorial link for how to edit/change a template in Google Sites?

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@naysangels thanks for letting me know about moderation on Will’s VT. I’ll let him know. Comments WILL be visible 4u even w moderation tho

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Reading: Rhode Island District Will Fire All 74 Teachers http://flne.ws/7070 on Fluent News

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links finished for tomorrow’s T4T class on Learning Portals (interactive website creation: Google Sites, Wikis) http://ow.ly/1aDKc

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@langwitches I just ordered a paperback version of your digital storytelling book from Lulu! Can’t wait to get it! :-) http://ow.ly/1aCN5

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@ScottElias excellent. do you know if it has a max number of simultaneous participants? iEtherpad’s limit of 16 was a problem for us.

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New blog post: Silvia Tolisano on Skype in the Classroom and Digital Storytelling http://bit.ly/bhBNmi

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We are going to try using http://todaysmeet.com for our T4T backchannels tomorrow h/t @rmbyrne

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My 12 year old just showed me http://gpsmission.com - sounds very cool. There’s an iPhone app too. http://ow.ly/1aBqD

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@Jedd that is great. Do you have a link to the webcast page? GMT date and time?

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k12online ditch the Olympics tonight, join live instead! :-) http://edtechtalk.com/st…

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echo webcast is starting now at the top of the hour with @kellyhines - please join live! http://ow.ly/1aAaQ

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RT @Jedd: Alan November not in person. he’s presenting on video conferencing link tomorrow (in NZ)

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@Jedd well that is a bummer! I didn’t know he presented over video. I am sure he’ll have great things to share!

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@mrw00dy outstanding! I will tell Sarah, she will be thrilled!

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