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February 24th, 2010

Finished reading a book tonight. That doesn’t happen nearly as often these days as it should! :-)

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@swigant I would guess a malware program has captured their passwords, and is now auto-posting links which will install more malware :-(

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Looks like twitter account hijacks are alive and well - several “haha. This you????” dm’s tonight :-(

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@argo1a I’ve worked with Moodle off and on the past few years but don’t consider myself a guru @kentbrooks is a Moodle guru tho!

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@ScottParks absolutely - I never buy a Mac laptop without Applecare. 1 repair incident like this more than pays for the cost.

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Had to refer back to my post on lecturecasting to replicate my MPEG Streamclip settings http://ow.ly/1b1xv

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Encoding today’s T4T class lecturecast on my wife’ MB my laptop is still in the shop - MPEG Streamclip ROCKS! http://ow.ly/1b1wQ

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@BrianMullNL yes - Pano is one of my definite favs!

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@skydaddy aren’t those the “reform options” the school was given by NCLB and the Feds? If NCLB was not the cause, what was?!

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Wizard of Oz LIVE now (stream is back up) on Ustream http://ow.ly/1bjxW

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The Wizard of Oz starring Sarah as the Wicked Witch of the West begins LIVE on Ustream in 10 min! http://ow.ly/1bjhT

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The Wizard of Oz (starring my 9 year old as the wicked witch!) starts LIVE on Ustream in 25 min! (half past the hour) http://ow.ly/1biT1

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Good meeting today w/ Lydia of @creativeok talking about video contest / digital storytelling and learning community / social network ideas!

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Google ‘graduates,’ kills e-mail features http://bit.ly/aLiIIu (via @CNN)

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Having breakfast with my 6 year old at @bigtrucktacos discussing her art portfolio

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@AmplicateInfo my experiences using Blip for @k12online as well as my tech4teachers classes have been VERY positive http://k12online.blip.tv

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No kidding: Twitter hit with ‘This You???’ phishing attack http://flne.ws/14211 on Fluent News

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This is ridiculous: Italy convicts 3 Google execs in abuse video case http://flne.ws/14248 on Fluent News

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Wow: a heroic tale thanks to a brave teacher: Suspected Colo Gunman Was Inside School Before Shooting http://flne.ws/8903 on Fluent News

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@lorenchuk so sorry to hear your skype news :-( I talked for 40 min today with a wire svc reporter who is writing on Skype in schools…

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lecturecast from today is converting on blip. I love blip.tv :-)

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