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February 28th, 2010

@hartastic I have tried to do that but haven’t had luck… I’ll have to give it another shot. Thanks for the recc.

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Combine PDFs is now shareware and not free - first 1000 pages don’t require a license (Apple/Mac software) http://bit.ly/2MoRlt

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@appolicious here’s my list of curated iPhone apps for education! :-) http://ow.ly/1cVQu

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@saugusedtech wow, sure hope we don’t do that either… :-(

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@dmantz7 I wish I knew that answer. Don’t know at this point.

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New blog post: Top 10 Education Apps for iPod Touch and iPhone http://bit.ly/bvDAc8

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New blog post: Oklahoma 1:1 ARRA TitleIID Grants Announcement Date moved to March 25th http://bit.ly/9V08xq

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I’ve changed the blog post title & inserted an addendum into yesterday’s post on Islam / Muslims / Christians / enemies http://ow.ly/1cTyD

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@appolicious that is a great idea. Do you have any collections of curated iPhone / iPod Touch apps specifically for education yet? @lroe

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installed the @evernote desktop app and added it to my “new” list of Mac apps I’m running http://ow.ly/1cSKd

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@teach42 that’s the way things are headed… But then there are ports of skinny Linux… a cloud-based future = smaller SW updates?

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New blog post: Save hard drive space with custom MS Office installation options http://bit.ly/aZ18BP

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New blog post: Redefining the Beginner: What is a web browser and tabbed browsing http://bit.ly/bbjvMK

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My MB Pro software and OS updates total over 1 GB (I’m doing a clean install of OS 10.6) - Wow. Who would have imagined this 10 yrs ago?

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@OKCHE no, I’m here in Oklahoma for half the week, then I’m heading north for the MACE conference in Manhattan! Let’s get together sometime.

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@JSW_EdTech thanks. I’m liking the simplification too… I appreciate the feedback as always.

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New blog post: Message for Oklahoma Christians: Islam is NOT the enemy http://bit.ly/9GiPdC

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New blog post: Posting iPhone Photos from Email to Facebook http://bit.ly/a813ct

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My 12 year old posted a couple of his recent essays for school to our family learning blog http://ow.ly/1cpaM

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