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April 14th, 2010

@OKRobotics Thanks for the invite! We’ll check our schedule and see if we can make it. :-)

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Gmail and Google Docs are loading excruciatingly slow for me this evening. Not sure why.

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New blog post: Podcast345: Open Educational Resources (OER) - Iowa 1:1 Institute http://bit.ly/aFQNSO

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RT @amollica I am more of a proponent of putting netbook labs in the classroom and having monitoring software for teacher to manage access.

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@amollica I think you have a lot of company - I find many teachers more comfortable with a “managed lab” setting than 1:1 for all

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New blog post: Podcast344: Technology Trends in Higher Education (April 2010) http://bit.ly/9p0jCK

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New blog post: How do you feel about students bringing laptops to class? http://bit.ly/dmaeVP

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storychasers We have updated our Celebrate Oklahoma Voices project wiki FAQ section http://ow.ly/1z2BX

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I’m really behind on my podcast publishing. I have 11 podcast recordings from the past month itching to go online. Working on 2 today. :-)

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RT @brasst: Anyone using Win 7 on tablets in ? Many of the MS tablet apps (ink flashcards) don’t work/ - replacement ideas?

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RT @rmbyrne: Just used this video in class. http://ow.ly/1qvc2S Students compared economic situation of 2001-2010 to 1921-1929

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@shareski sounds great! Are you all posting video products to a Ning?

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@elmofromok yes I am sorry I missed it! I will try for next month.

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@elmofromok I found the note about throw your voice being postponed on the website http://throwyourvoice.com

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@icechic no we just went with standard egg and meat tacos with salsa… migas sound good tho! We’ll hafta try em next time :-)

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@elmofromok Is the Throw Your Voice conference on for Saturday, or is it being rescheduled?

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@ELanghorst check out @Josh_Porter1 http://ow.ly/1qvaPZ looks like its pretty close

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Starting off the day right at @bigtrucktacos with all my girls :-)

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New blog post: New Oklahoma Digital Stories: Integration, Boy Scouting, Italian Food Festivals and Planting Trees http://bit.ly/93I6IE

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@michellek107 OK thanks for letting me know. Glad to not be alone on that! Maybe there is a lightning storm in the Google cloud tonight?

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@woscholar I was having trouble in all my browsers - Safari, Firefox and Chrome. Not sure why… It seems speedier now…

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Anyone know of a program for Windows-based computers similar to ToonFX PAINT for and ? http://ow.ly/1yEgl

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