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April 16th, 2010

@thinkict thanks :-) she felt pretty good about her audition. We’ll find out Wednesday!

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RT @digitalteacher: Up to 50 iPad apps we want to try: http://goo.gl/SceJ once iPads arrive. For high school. Not a 1:1 school.

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RT @bcrosby: “Blogger” users. Isn’t there a way to REMOVE the “next blog” link on a Blogger site?

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RT @JohnLacey: Facebook is the place I go to find out what I missed out on in my childhood.

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At Okla City Univ Oklahoma Children’s Theater, for Sarah to audition for their summer plays

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New blog post: Discussing Digital Literacy with the New Literacies Collaborative at NC State http://bit.ly/cCA073

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@jelkimantis sounds good! If your participants share reflections from today I’d love to read them… I will check the Ning!

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@carl_young excellent- it’s so important to keep many of their values in the conversation about learning and school change. Glad to hear it!

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@mjkrugerross The pedagogy side of the conversation is the one which challenges many teachers the most, I think. Sounds successful then!

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