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June 23rd, 2010

I briefly held an iPhone 4 today at an AT&T store - wow it is thin and light! Not getting one yet at this point, tho…

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mcleod Did you know that ISTE has a ‘code of conduct’ for the conference backchannel?

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storychasers The Celebrate Oklahoma Voices learning community now has over 1000 members! Woo hoo!

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@bryanjack saugusedtech thanks - I wonder why it’s called “bespoke” though?

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Just deposited my first check with the @USAA iPhone app, taking photos of the front and back. Very slick and handy! Thanks USAA!

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@jmaklary that sounds like a good idea to me. I hope the Big12 will add 2 more so the championship can continue!

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I guess the Big12 won’t be able to have a football title game anymore under NCAA rules after CU and NE leave

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What is a “Bespoke essay” in the UK?

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New post: A visual contrast in old and new

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The quotations which relieved General McChrystal from duty

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