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August 1st, 2010

I’ve been using Google Wave more in the past week and have REALLY liked it. Much better than exchanging emails with lots of folks. :-)

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@msstewart that IS a great price on @woot but I’d hold out for the Kodak ZI8 - it’s my dream flash-based camcorder

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RT @msstewart Very tempted but may hold out for Kodak zi8 RT @woot: $79.99 : Pure Digital Flip MinoHD Digital Camcorder

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@TParks after your experiences at Mount Vernon last year, I’m sure you’ll love the videos and lessons from @ELanghorst

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@dalmatiasecond indeed I am a Christ follower :-) I’ve been involved with edtech since 1996, teaching 4tg grade in TX

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@garystager by ipad2 I meant “iPad too” - saving characters… You can download more than just the most recent episode on iTunes

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smartinez RT @mbcampbell360: The Six-Lesson School Teacher - John Taylor Gatto -this is a must read; he has amazing ideas

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NBC Hosting Education Summit: Can we stop bashing education?… (via @pulsepad)

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WSJ reports Microsoft diluted IE8’s privacy features 2appease advertisers inside &outside the company on Fluent News

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RT @kjarrett: Call for participation ISTE 2011 opens 9/15 closes 10/13 … start planning now, folks!

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RT @smartinez: awesome learning reflection from @tabor330. - you are such a bold learner!

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@skajder I’d definitely say yes - this is the first zoom lens attachment I’ve seen for a flash-based camcorder

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@jerihurd Absolutely! It’s the only flash-based camcorder I’ve seen at that price point that takes an external mic :-)

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@kyledbowen Is Hotseat just available for professors at Purdue to use, or is it available to others too? Looks great!

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New post: Show your remaining battery percentage on your iOS device (iPhone, iPad, etc)

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mkokc YouTube increases time limit to 15 minutes.

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