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October 4th, 2010

storychasers New post: Storychasers Updates: October 2010 http://ow.ly/2P3M4

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storychasers Info and an online form to request a Storychasers workshop in your area has been added to our wiki, COV and CKV sites http://ow.ly/2P1ZW

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@paulawhite right, unfortunately that is Ning’s policy and they don’t provide an option like Yahoo mail for parent permission. :-(

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I successfully added the extension EmbedVideo 2our Storychasers wiki so we can now embed video there. Woo hoo! http://ow.ly/2P19Z

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What is “Creative Commons? What does it mean 4students in terms of creativity, copyright compliance, & publishing? http://ow.ly/2OUYG

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mcleod RT @peterskillen If a teacher assigns a project and gets back 30 of the same thing, they assigned a recipe, not a project.

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New post: Touring Australia at the 2010 Shanghai World Expo http://bit.ly/adu5Zq

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@argo1a that could be an option, bit I’m thinking less secure than other choices we have…

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@kraybr the files should be less than 1 GB, so yes, dropbox should work. Thanks for the recc - this is what I wrote http://ow.ly/2OrER

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k12online 2010 Presenters: If you’re having trouble uploading, here are some suggestions & options for file compression / transfer http://ow.ly/2Orv2

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Any recommendations for a free and good FTP client on the Windows side? I like Cyberduck on the Mac side http://cyberduck.ch/

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@coordinatortwo this is for some @k12online presos. I’m guessing they are between 500 MB and 1 GB, but not sure.

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Anyone have a good recommendation for a FREE service for transferring large files to others?

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