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October 13th, 2010

@alanwarms well, I’ve heard mixed reviews… there are some apps I’d really like to run too… you sure I should wait? I have an iPhone 3GS

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Antlers Forever is definitely one of our favorite bedtime picture books. Got it last year in Maine! :-)

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I’m finally making the jump from 3.1.2 firmware to 4.1 tonight. Doing my backups first now.

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@darinrking indeed - I’ll pass that along :-)

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My dad is at the 8th TAC Fighter Wing’s reunion now in Colo Springs & at USAFA. Lots of tall tales being told I’m sure!

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k12online Please join us in Elluminate for our 2010 pre-conference fireside chat with @shareski starting in 15 minutes!

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New post: Online Content Can Be Persistent (even when people try to take it offline)

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RT @ghveem: RT @kylepace: Discovery Education Brings Streaming Content To iPad:

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RT @debwhite: Another audio resource:… (for Linux)

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@debwhite why isn’t ICDL “accessible to all?”

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@cheryloakes50 are you going to stream your geek of the week session? When is it?

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@alanwarms I decided to heed the warnings and held off upgrading my 3GS to the 4.0 firmware. Very happy with my speed & performance now

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@jrichardson30 you are most welcome! I live it- easy app sharing and list creation. @ELEMOUS was my source for @appolicious

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updated my @appolicious App library today, haven’t in awhile. Love the direct library sync feature!

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@bobsprankle please tell Beth that Sarah and I say hello!

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@tjacobs17 thanks for the feedback - was a GREAT conference, so many super educators and sessions. :-)

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A good morning shout-out to all the great Maine educators at this week - Enjoy and keep tweeting :-) Sarah and I miss you!

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I’m so thankful to @bobsprankle for sharing BackOff software for iTunes to permit manual enabling of backups!

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@ARGO1A @alanwarms ok, I’ll hold off. Several apps now require 4.0 software… I wish there was a way to “roll back” if I don’t like it….

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