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October 26th, 2010

@xpunkx Do you have a link to a tweet or blog post where @dropio confirms the phonecasting service is no more?

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My video share today in class is Zombie’s in Plain English h/t @leelefever

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@kevinhoneycutt enjoy the Piney Woods of east Texas this week! Wish I could be there! What’s the hashtag? @woscholar

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@dropio are you still offering free phonecasting for users, or has that function been removed?

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@jackiegerstein you are most welcome! I was fun to brainstorm to brainstorm those ideas with my students!

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Just finished my lightning talk slides 4Thursday’s OpenBeta in OKC. Topic: - Oklahoma is not China

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@ktenkely cool, thanks for the tip! I’ll check it out. Just introduced my girls to @ijustine last week actually. (virtual intro that is!)

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@skajder I certainly will! YouTube with annotated links and a wikispaces site are the 2 suggestions I’ve heard so far…

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@mwacker excellent - is that wiki public? Can you share the link?

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@ktenkely that is a great idea - do you have links to any sample videos on YouTube which do that? (choose your own ending)

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@jenwagner thanks - but that credit certainly goes to our presenters this year… A remarkable group!!!

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Fantastic organizer call tonight… Things have gone so well this year!!! 3 more days of conf presos this week, almost done!

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I am watching @dkuropatwa ‘s keynote for right now - WOW!!!!!

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Prizes are INCREDIBLE for @creativeok ‘s video creativity contest!!! Deadline Nov 4th - check it out!

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@woscholar sounds good - I hope all goes well! Sorry I can’t join!

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Great call with @funnymonkey today discussing site, video encoding & project development @storychaserssers COV CKV CTV etc :-)

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RT @k12online: New post: Day 8 Presentations: 27 October 2010

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@ktenkely yes, @ijustine is very unique as a geeky tech role model 4my girls. They started a webshow (The Zebra Print)

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My undergrad students uploaded 21 interview videos during our in-class Flip Video scavenger hunt! Our YouTube channel:

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@xpunkx Yes, I saw the conference number, but not the recording number. I think the recording numbers are gone.

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@onealchris yes, thankfully we have a text messaging alert channel for our class, so I could let students know we were still meeting!

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Audio lecturecast from today’s Computers in the Classroom meeting (Flip Video Scavenger hunt) is available

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it would have been nice for the instructor who wrote this note to indicate which section is cancelled

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