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November 11th, 2010

New post: I’m a teacher, and I have the best job in the WORLD http://bit.ly/cBTuBL

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@jorech Fantastic job on your “Best Job” video. Really excellent. http://ow.ly/38AfA

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New post: Why blog when you can Glog? http://bit.ly/dAeBHt

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@jed I wish I could be there. I’ll DM you.

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@Mrskmpeters awesome! So exciting to see this conference model for education idea sharing!

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Air Video streams virtually any video from your computer 2your iOS device - wow! http://ow.ly/38yYE use a VPN tho! http://ow.ly/38yZ9

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jed For my OSX/iOS friends that have been concerned about firesheep, found a great walk-through to help protect yourself: http://bit.ly/cfvhTM

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@khazelrigg I can’t wait to see too - and the new HP movie! :-)

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@SharonHarper it would certainly help! These are chapters of history I never learned about in school.

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@jjash I haven’t used Sonic Pics yet but will… just created by first Storyrobe video :-)

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@jed @dmdanker @drwilson We need to organize and facilitate an EdCampOKC. Let’s do it. last weekend is our model!

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tonyvincent iDatabase for iOS is free for a few more hours. Great for tracking student behavior (and other things). http://tonyv.me/idb

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I’m downloading Storyrobe (free iOS app) to demo tomorrow at http://ow.ly/38ylo h/t @tonyvincent

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@pcwoessner wow, I didn’t know that. Have you posted about this? I haven’t used it much, but there’s a lot of buzz in some circles about it

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@pcwoessner you mean the site goes down and isn’t reliable?

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@TianRae thanks! I am so glad to have this opportunity to be in MN and learn with everyone at :-) @TheHomeworkDog inspired me!

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My son is studying & learning about the Opium Wars in China for his debate case prep on the drug trade. Eye opening. http://ow.ly/38xPx

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@RobinThailand @micwalker @Mrskmpeters unfortunately no content filter can 100% guarantee objectionable content won’t be encountered :-(

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learning about GREAT educational Glogster examples http://ow.ly/38vk1

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@dzukor I’m sure the cold weather isn’t far off! It’s nice now though :-)

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5 models of co-teaching from Univ of KS http://ow.ly/1rv50J

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Now discussing models of co-teaching specific to classes with ELL students http://ow.ly/38mdS

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Just did a fun “Quiz Quiz Trade” collaborative activity with @JillBromen http://ow.ly/1rv4lD

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@timwilson thanks! It’s amazing - not the November weather I expected for Minnesota!

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@JillBromen leading a teacher workshop today at explaining “Pobrecita syndrome” http://twitpic.com/35x934

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Amazing mural at the Community School of Excellence in St Paul, this was painted yesterday! http://twitpic.com/35x898

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Just landed in Minneapolis for this evening & tomorrow!

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New post: Video Tributes to Oklahoma and Kansas Military Veterans http://bit.ly/917X8m

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@dkuropatwa you are very kind - it was great to have time to visit! I posted photos but need to tag em! http://ow.ly/1ruClC

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At the OKC airport about to board my flight to Denver, enroute to St Paul, Minnesota today :-)

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