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November 21st, 2010

New post: Cloud computing for Microsoft, Persistent requests for IT, and 3 screen strategies http://bit.ly/duB38x

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balancedfilter Persistently ask for websites to be unblocked http://post.ly/1EO1s

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First time to hear about Windows Azure, Microsoft’s platform as service solution http://ow.ly/3don5 via http://ow.ly/3dond @arstechnica

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@dmantz7 I don’t know but that’s a great question. Maybe I can ask Dr Knezek about this at UNT in Dec! @kcaise

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Microsoft embracing HTML5 and basically ditching Silverlight long term - wow http://ow.ly/3dokQ via @arstechnica

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@shamblesguru thanks for your screencast on @k12online :-) Don’t forget all the archived videos in the right sidebar http://screenr.com/8rc

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@cmduke UT’s college of education has a good conference on changing teacher ed & tech last year I wanted to attend but couldalue

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@cmduke I know the national tech leadership summit has tried to address this question of changing teacher prep

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New vocab word related to copyright & movies: Bowdlerized http://ow.ly/3do8w @arstechnicanica

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@jerridkruse LOTS has changed educationally in 100 years. Systemically we look much the same but we can see more outliers than ever

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@aleaness @jerridkruse baby duck syndrome is part of it, but in a school paradigm context http://ow.ly/1rE7kf

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@jerridkruse: @aleaness I definitely agree the educational reform ideas of Dewey need to still be operationalized!

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@cmduke: @anderscj @tomfullerton @jonbecker @aleaness I’m open to hash tag suggestions 4this thread… Ideas? 4 grad school value?

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@jerridkruse along with the good & the great profs, I also had my share of experiences that were not worthwhile. Educ value varies widely

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@jerridkruse there are MANY ways grad studies have benefited & enriched my practice as a professional educator-That may not b the case 4 all

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@jerridkruse no worries - the discussion is good. Blanket generalizations like that R often unfair & controversial but do contain some truth

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@sringsmuth thanks! It’s been several years since we were last in this role & the home finance landscape has become more challenging!

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@famousmistered yes, to turn those down might have been an uncomfortable public face slap for those school officials

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@tiffanythompson we are into analog plant growing too, esp when it is creative and fun :-)

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@DJ345 a $50 Apple composite AV cable http://ow.ly/1rE5Uj not all apps support video-out, but videos WILL play out to an external TV

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New post: Going Mobile with Digital Storytelling http://bit.ly/bVKMyA

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Rachel is so excited about her Santa iGrow! She started growing him 6 days ago. http://twitpic.com/38xkry

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