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November 26th, 2010

RT @rachelboyd: Have you seen next year’s Tooth Tally collab. project? Looks great, I just registered @toothtally

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@TParks excellent! @appolicious is great for sharing app favs!

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New post: Stay Connected and Stay Warm with the Media Muff

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@jorech very cool. I’m eager to give it a spin on the netbook I bought a year ago

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Indepedence Mall Panorama (Missouri)

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Please do not beat on our canisters :-)

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RT @arstechnica: Cosmology and dark energy revealed by geometry of galaxy pairs:

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RT @pgeorge @k12online Great skype tips thanks2 @plnaugle @janwells Webcast Echo Recording:

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@shareski I think it depends on printer & printer driver support. Some won’t do it.

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RT @kjarrett: Interesting reading. Contemplating implications for The Public Square Goes Mobile -

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New post: Google OS Could Reduce IT Department Demands

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Reading NYTimes: Netflix’s Move Onto the Web Stirs Rivalries

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