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December 13th, 2010

New post: Mobile Video Editing with ReelDirector on an iPhone4

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@kellycroy Excellent! As an Eagle Scout you’ll love this video, which is a BSA recruitment piece a HS student in CA did

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Sarah’s new episode for the Int’l Cooking Show: Peppermint Fudge Brownies (edited w/ ReelDirector on an iPhone4)

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Just edited my first movie on my iPhone4 using ReelDirector. Uploading to YouTube now

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@alicebarr thanks Alice, I’ll pass along your words to Alex!

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Scout Court of Honor tonight: Alexander earned Citizenship in the Nation :-)

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My application video for the Google Chrome OS netbook pilot program on behalf of @storychasers

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@dmantz7 we could - I am working with folks at UNT on a STEM survey which has been validated, and could work… I’ll forward it to you.

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Great call this pm brainstorming activities 4a January workshop with principals and IT staff in Montana - bridging the IT digital divide!

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@RecessDuty that is great! So glad that method worked for you!

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@charliemahoney @dmantz7 it would be interesting to research the roots of this common anti-tech bias, even among preservice students.

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@jelkimantis well, the open minded ones definitely outnumber the closed minded ones, so that’s cause for thanksgiving! :-)

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@philshapiro thank you so much for those words of encouragement, Phil. They mean a great deal. I hope you are right! :-)

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@kiwispouse yes, you are right. Small steps and conversations are the key. Thanks for the reminder :-)

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@mjmontagne thankfully that anti-tech bias appears limited 2a few, but I’m not clear on the reasons now. Definitely should research this :-(

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Case study in why orgs shouldn’t let internationally advertised domains expire - OLPC is no longer authoring

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New post: No alternative to the RTTT / Duncan Education Reform Plan Offered by Fallin

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