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December 17th, 2010

New post: Help Needed: A Name for an Uncut Audio Channel http://bit.ly/gYCVlT

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Best article I’ve read yet on the Yahoo / Delicious fiasco http://j.mp/i1uJLS

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Rdg: With $30 million in new venture funding, @tumblr isn’t going away anytime soon http://j.mp/gCL7xo

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Rdg: Large Group Videoconferencing coming to Google Video?! http://j.mp/feW2fc

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A diverse and colorful junk food / candy menu http://twitpic.com/3gwgr7

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RT @cogdog: Yahoo is definitely writing a textbook for corporate communication strategies… a book from the last century.

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Super, must-read post- RT @shareski: I’ve got something to share(ski) “I Don’t Give a Crap” http://goo.gl/vq1gf

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@cogdog I’m listening & I agree. Power of tools like delicious & diigo is the community. No community = no power

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RT @bobsprankle: Latest Find: iPhone App Word Lens Instantly Translates Life Into Something Amazing http://bit.ly/eMojna

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@blogging4jobs that sounds like a great end of year post topic! Here are some podcasting steps I wrote awhile back http://ow.ly/1rY8ge

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@digitalst thanks!!! We did and made some big decisions that should be exciting for @storychasers in KS & TX as well as OK

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Today is our annual @storychasers winter board retreat! Lots of good plannin’ & brainstormin’ going on! :-)

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I added 28 new apps to my @appolicious library via iTunes sync - let’s hope Yahoo doesn’t kill it like Delicious.com! http://ow.ly/3qDtn

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Just saw tonight 1 of my classmates from 6th grade put our class photo on Facebook - that was a blast from the past :-)

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@ccassinelli thanks :-) She’s applying as a drama major, so we’ll see! We did share her new YouTube channel in the app! http://ow.ly/3qDoC

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@mguhlin I would think so - haven’t run into anything yet I couldn’t install on siteground…

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