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January 1st, 2011

RT @tucksoon: 21 Things That Will Become Obsolete in Education by 2020

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RT @kevinhoneycutt: shares Update I Need My Teachers To Learn 2.2…

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Just finished watching the original Star Wars Episode 4 w/the family. You can’t beat the original. Esp. the throne room scene & soundtrack!

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RT @fleep: First edition of The Journal of Virtual Worlds and Education

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With all the iOS devices being used at home by members of our family, I really feel like we are living in the future. :-)

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@Jennifer_Hogan thanks :-) it was a fun interview. I’d love to get kids acting as @storychasers asking local board members similar ?’s!

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@PeterVogel aren’t those astronaut images from the ISS just stunning on the iPad?! Can’t believe I can sit here & view such wonders.

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@TParks outstanding! What is the URL for your 365 project? Sarah is really having fun with hers so far too!

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Thanks to everyone who shared words of support, care & love following the loss of our dog, Bailey. Your encouragement is appreciated! :-)

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astro_paolo , , e la costa adriatica

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Astro_Ron The Space Station on the Moon? and on the Sun? Thanks to @universetoday + Thierry Legault

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Our local police are now soliciting crime informant tips via text messaging

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Just added a 4th dynamic of goal setting (from USAFA) to my Aug 2009 post: To succeed we must fail – a LOT

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New post: Tweets and Photos from Astronauts in Space: Consider the Possibilities!

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New post: Welcome to Yarmouth High School: 8 Years of Successful 1:1 Learning

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