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January 6th, 2011

Looking at @mobileroadie iOS app as a possibility for a @storychasers app - looks very promising

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@PeterVogel @bengrey yes, you’re both probably right - Verizon iPhone coming…

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Rdg: Apple puts the freeze on retail employee vacations (any bets on a late January 2 release?!)

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RT @courosa: iPad Simulator (in development)

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@chr1sa would you chime in on this discussion about university newspaper paywalls? I know you can respond better than I :-)

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RT @shareski: The Original Photo of the Day effort from 1979.

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RT @markwagner @cbell619 That is great news. @chrislehmann to present closing keynote at ( woo hoo!)

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Publishing is no longer the sole privilege of the paid - so sayeth @chr1sa

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Please join us now LIVE on… to discuss with Seedlings!

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Installing virtualized Win7 on my MBPro via VMware Fusion 3

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@ScottElias I am SO anxious to get it scheduled and finish my last semester! Good luck to you :-)

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I’ve published my “practice” dissertation proposal defense as a Slidecast & as an audio/PDF download

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@jessatosu oustanding! Please sign up to join the wiki and add your name as a potential volunteer :-)

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@HP_Edu Have you read or listened2 Chris Anderson’s book? It’s not a 140 character answer. Mixed models. Freemium. Mobile apps. Ads. Others.

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@Dembe our @k12online organizer team meets next week and we’ll be sharing a post about the 2011 conference timeline

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@Dembe yes - we need to share a post on those dates. October 10-Pre-conference weeks of
Oct 17 & Oct. 24 the actual conferene11

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@taragotwalt please let me know if you find out about Quickbooks trainer / training options in Oklahoma too. We need that for @storychasers

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okea Mid-Del School Board considers options after failed bond issue…

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mcdanielsara Overheard today from a flight attendant to a passenger: “Please turn off your book.” ‘thetimes

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New post: Oklahoma Educators, EduLeaders, and Edu Organizations on Twitter

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@HP_Edu The education blogs 2which I’m currently subscribed are listed on & in a Google Reader bundle

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I’ve started a separate Twitter list 4 Oklahoma edu orgs so the OK Ed list just includes individuals

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@dmantz7 not sure at this point. Great question tho. That would be a good list for someone to make separately.

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New post: iPhoneography Apps for Capture, Editing and Upload / Sharing

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@ittosde thanks! I added @drwilson @soonermagicfan - will add @AAODonnell if she follows back :-)

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@wlweber absolutely, you’ve been added! Thanks - please let me know of others you think should be there

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@TParks thanks, I added @fzzxtchr… (even spelled it right!)

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just learned about Inkscape (An Open Source vector graphics editor, like Illustrator) via @bobsprankle

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New post: Misunderstanding Information Abundance at Oklahoma State University

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@jed @JSW_EdTech @ittosde @TParks @dmdanker Who is missing here?…

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@OneOKCoalition So now that you successfully defeated 744, do you & your constituents have a plan to improve Oklahoma education?

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@JanetBarresi So glad to see you on Twitter! I’m predicting you’ll see your follower numbers skyrocket soon :-)

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creativetallis Schools across the States adopt the iPad:

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shannonmmiller Why Cutting School Librarians Is a Mistake from Practical Leadership

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kbkonnected Photo: Mighty Books has many free online books that are very charming and really entertaining. The books……

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I’ve started a Twitter list for educators and educational leaders in Montana on Twitter - Suggestions for others to add?

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@paulandersen Congrats Paul! Fingers are crossed for you :-)

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betchaboy Just declined an offer to write an article for an education magazine. If I wanted to write and not get paid for it I can write on my blog.

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Let’s try that again with the actual hashtag: Just signed my BYOL session agreement for “Simple Ideas for Powerful Sharing” :-)

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Curby Alexander’s ePortfolio assignment in Spring 2011 for preservice education students see 4 details

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