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January 16th, 2011

Checking out the HTML5 app Harmonious http://www.openappmkt.co…

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@mramidon I’ll tweet the answer when I find out tomorrow…

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@PamHolcomb perhaps that is the meaning?! I like your spelling of “fiyahhhh” in any case :-)

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@mramidon are you talking about tomorrow’s conf? I’m nit sure but will find out in the am

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Just discovered http://www.openappmkt.com for HTML5 apps on smartphones - sweet!

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dmdanker Yukon Public Schools has a job opening for a Director of Technology. If you or someone you know is interested please …http://lnkd.in/QUi5dN

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garystager Let’s say hypothetically that Accelerated Reader does trick weak readers to read. Why don’t parents object to how it harms actual readers?

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@dmdanker your network of adoring fans want a new post on your blog ;-)

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Great post about the excitement of students in an after-school video production club! http://ow.ly/3ERmd

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New post: Podcast 367: Tags Are Ways to See Things (Kevin Honeycutt on Tag Teams & Art Snacks) http://bit.ly/ebQ6u1

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Resources for tomorrow’s session: Social Media Guidelines for Schools - A CALL FOR ACTION! http://ow.ly/3EQrB

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“Just call me the torch” (at tomorrow’s conference they’re using a torch icon 4me instead of a pic http://ow.ly/3EQjs

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@MrDW30 ok, well unless someone else has a proposal I vote we use for tomorrow’s Amarillo conference http://ow.ly/3EQl9

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@jgbluedevil As @alfiekohn points out, one irony of the “back to basics” movement is the schools they are focused on never left the basics

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The best thing about a paper book is a flight attendant can’t tell you to turn it off. :-)

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@polleverywhere Is there a problem with the reply feature right now? I’m not getting it to work here http://bit.ly/gT55rG

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Is there a hash tag for tomorrow’s “Teaching the 21st Century Student” conference in Amarillo?

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New podcast: Unplugging From the Commercial Software Grid by @kentbrooks (on Fuel for Educational Change Agents) http://ow.ly/3ENQk

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@saorog @fboss that irony wasn’t lost on Postman - teaching people to think independently is dangerous work, even today!

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RT @jrsowash: I know there are several self-grading Google forms out there. Any recommendations on the best one (easy to use?)

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@mramidon outstanding! Good luck with that work :-)

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Socrates didn’t teach with a syllabus (via Neil Postman)

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@mramidon that is great! Did your students blog or podcast about their learning & experiences w/ that curriculum?

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@megbilodeau we have applied to adopt a golden thru @sgrr_rescue - thanks for the encouragement to adopt! :-)

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My 5th graders recorded a short audio podcast this morning on my iPad using @Cinchcast http://ow.ly/3EHEi

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