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January 21st, 2011

Security vocab word / term of the day: money mules via Cisco Explains the 7 Deadly Weaknesses of Social Network Users

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How to jailbreak a Kindle? Sort of. Wired explains how to remove DRM from ebooks

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newrepublic Why Tunisia isn’t a democratic tipping point for the Arab world. It has to do with Samuel Huntington.

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RT @KansasNana Somewhere Apple Execs R Smiling: iPads Are Now Mandatory at This Private School… via @FastCompany

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Good podcast interview with @cshirky on @pritheworld today- nations fear synchronized groups / social media helps

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Major line of movie fans at the $2 Northpark Mall in OKC! (We are here 4 Secretariat)

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@mramidon @mcduffiec @mattdix @edjurist @kcollazo @dmcordell @sringsmuth @dmantz7 @PerriApplegate @sameneman thx for the encouragement :-)

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Just mailed my app for a tenure track Elem Ed faculty position at OU. Fingers now crossed!

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Please RT! Vision for Educational Leadership in 30 Seconds: A Challenge

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New post: Vision for Educational Leadership in 30 Seconds: A Challenge

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@shareski Yes, absolutely Dean! I think @k12online is a perfect video resource base to use in this way for “flipped” PD

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shareski Along with reverse instruction/Fisch flip for classrooms, what about applying these same principles for PD?

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garystager It would be nice if more people knew how to make software

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@krbiles thanks :-) I consider it 1 of my primary life missions to encourage others to blog more - communication & hypertext writing r gr8!

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