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January 24th, 2011

@wmchamberlain I think they’ve unlinked it from their main sites, but it showed up on a @spezify search… persistent digital footprint!

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@courosa well, I certainly won’t take credit or blame there :-)

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@bobcaro I should have typed, “act responsibly”

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@bobcaro this is a MAJOR issue and critical to focus on. Far more schools lock laptops down than help students act responsible

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I wonder if AT&T will ever take down this webpage that gives the impression I still work for them?

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@AngelaMaiers I really disagree with your point on worry. We need to do our best, but I don’t think we need to be constantly worried.

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Try viewing your digital footprint via @spezify - wow!

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techlearning Wesley Fryer to keynote Chicago Tech Forum @tltechforum

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@jgates513 unfortunately many schools are more focused on control rather than empowerment when it comes to 1:1 :-(

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New post: Manage Podcasts WITHOUT an iTunes Sync Using Podcaster

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@jgates513 I actually like the iPod Touch better than the iPad because of size for mobile learning projects. I’m still a fan of laptops tho.

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@jgates513 I agree the iPad isn’t THE tool at this point for content creation, sharing, creativity - getting there, but not yet…

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Recommended comic by @tonyvincent in tonight’s @k12online webcast on @edtechtalk: Strip Designer

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Join the last half of @tonyvincent on EdTechTalk discussing his @k12online 2010 preso! Live now!…

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@jelkimantis this looks like the best option so far for wireless sync podcasts on iOS

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@khrista_lou I put his old SIM card in my old iPhone & so far we’re still on the same $10/mo add a line plan w/o data

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New post: Podcast 368: Learning in a Networked World: For Our Students and For Ourselves by Will Richardson

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@frankisibberson @RSHartley let me know if you want me to skype into your session too… I’d LOVE to encourage more family learning blogs!

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@frankisibberson @RSHartley also- a link to resources for the NECC 2009 preso I shared on family learning blogs

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Anyone know of an iOS podcatcher app that will let you subscribe to new podcasts on the go (w/out iTunes) & download episodapps

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Sounds great: Grassroots “Save Our Schools” March on Washington & National Call to Action on July 28-31

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new podcast on fuel 4 educational change agents: Conversations at the 2010 World Forum

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@WendyGorton (smile) that would be great! The funny thing was the actual iPhone was only a few feet away from me buried under a paper pile!

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I used the “find my phone” feature on my today for the first time - for real. Worked like a charm!

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@JanetBarresi would you consider recording a 30 second video for the challenge? (& inviting others?)

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New post: Oklahoma’s New K12 Educational Leader (Janet Barresi) Models Social Media Use

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