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January 25th, 2011

New post: Rediscovering the joys of mobile learning with Podcaster & Audible

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PocketShare New post: Stories of Faith: digital witnesses for Christ

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Just launched the “Stories of Faith” podcast channel (at long last) and submitted it to iTunes. I love Podcast Generator!

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@coffeechugbooks I haven’t seen one, I’m mainly focused on using at this point - check with @dkuropatwa - he uses Blogger

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I’m loving the free theme Sight includes support for snappy looking jQuery Powered Featured Post Carousel

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@AngelaMaiers yes, I definitely like “mindful” better than “worried” :-) - intentional, thoughtful, deliberate are also good

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I learned how to designate “featured images” today in themes which support them

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I love the free plugin TDO mini forms- it lets blog admins create forms for contributors to submit draft posts

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All of JFK’s speeches are now digitized in his official library digital archive via NPR

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