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January 27th, 2011

My Montana Education Twitter list is up to 53 members :-) Who is missing?

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clschultz Great website by Kathy Schrock on Twitter & Education.… class=”hashtag” rel=”search” href=”//”>#mtvisionsion

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nwmtgriz Choices will motivate students to work harder

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AngieBratvold I know of students in second grade that have facebook accounts.

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@pupsgal thanks for the feedback :-) It was fun - which is always a good sign for a PD session!

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@sindiekennedy hmmm - what is the error @pixelpipe is giving you? It should take any video format from older & newer flsion

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@techsavvyteach great set of 24 free themes here my new favorite is Sight

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@wlweber we definitely did have fun this afternoon creating with media :-)

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Great article: Is Mobile Affecting When We Read? via my mom :-)

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New post: Highlights from Today’s Technology Leadership Workshop in Missoula, MT

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GREAT post by @kevinhoneycutt: What I learn from teaching in lock-up

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Apple recommends completely discharging you at least once per month to maintain optimal battery performance

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@jmprezeau no problem, I just deleted the 1st post for you so please re-submit :-)

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Great idea and suggestion via @techsavvyteach: One Solution to the Teacher/Student Facebook Dilemma

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1stVideo: a more capable iOS video editing app via Sinbad @ MacWorld

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GREAT recc from @dianewoodard at today: TooManyTabs for Chrome applet (save tabs 4 later)

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dianewoodard A simple playback pack for Windows with the goal of supporting the majority of video formats in use today

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Videos for today including responses for today are viewable on…

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5 Photo stories which have been moderated/approved today dor are viewable on http://5photos.posterous…

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@dmantz7 I guess that’s how it works… I’ll ask. I was thinking of the benefit mainly from a charging standpoint

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@bethzdouglass If you are able to publish at least 1 video or 5 photo story today that’s great tho

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@bethzdouglass you get another hour! :-) We will work on these tomorrow too!

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@chsrightnow Shelly here in Missoula setup a wired mic that I can use, so hopefully that will be better!

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Great accessory for Flip camera tubs at school - 24 port monoprice hub!

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That morphed into the “Getting a New Haircut” VoiceThread

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The original “Getting a New Haircut” 5 Photo Digital Story

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@brennam84 Caffeine is a free app which keeps your computer from going to sleep / monitor dimming

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Just installed Caffeine as as my first Mac app on my laptop

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@wlweber I think learning styles is 1 way to make the case for blended learning, not the only way

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how to assess differently: a key part of blended learning via @klmontgomery

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you can login to and view all your highlights & notes @willrich45ch45

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Social media has tremendous disruptive potential

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How do you think educational leaders should respond to the digital divide?

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@nashworld @jimknight99 excellent! Those resources on the value / power of stories look great for @storychasers :-)

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@seussamania Yeah! Welcome to Twitter and our backchannel :-)

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@chumppycatsmom @klmontgomery is presenting now and I’m not sure her remote video is visible to remote sites

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@montanareg Can you hear Karen talking? But no video?

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DeanPhillipsMT Study may show texting helps student spelling

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The Big Four Ning http://thebigfour.ning.c… is a great resource for instructional coaches!

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Great resource on the value of stories from the perspective of instructional coaching from Jim Knight at KU

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@dianewoodard well, it’s the people on twitter that makes it so valuable :-)

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Here’s a @pano image of our classroom today in Missoula - 4 screens, 6 remote sites over H323 video!

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All resources for our 2 day workshop this week for school admins are linked from…

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@jasontbedell Glad to hear you enjoyed the Hunger Games trilogy. @willrich45 recommended it last week in Amarillo

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I’ve corrected my spelling of Kalispell, Montana in yesterday’s post! (hope I have this right now)

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Can anyone confirm if the basic version of Jing now records to formats in addition to swf? I’m looking for link confirmation :-)

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RT @rrodgers @timlauer Google Apps EDU; webinars Feb 2nd—>

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