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February 17th, 2011

eecastro Do schools’ acceptable use policies reflect these same fears? 5 Fears of Social Media socialmediatoday.com/jderagon/26779…

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@ddraper congrats on the scheduled defense! woo hoo!

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@jnetman1 agreed, but many schools need to update their guidelines to be general enough to address social media situations

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@InnovativeEdu @jonbecker @bengrey I definitely agree with the point that policies weren’t the issue in that case - or the solution

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@bengrey I don’t advocate for a separate social media policy - I’m advocating for guidelines, and revised AUPs

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@PeterVogel I agree, wish I had a digital SLR! My iPhone4 was the best I could do for that one… at least the Pro HDR app helped!

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http://imgur.com Looks great for uploading, editing & sharing images @aboatmantman

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Full Moon rising over central Oklahoma http://twitpic.com/40vo8t

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Quotable: “The balance of power has permanently, irreversibly shifted from the media companies to the tech firms.” http://flpbd.it/wZH1

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Rdg: Apple vs. publishers: Why the tech firm already won - CNN.com http://flpbd.it/Bc9c via @CNN

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Rdg @mashable: See How Your Internet Service Stacks Up With New Broadband Map http://flpbd.it/0Y1L

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I live here actually :-) (@ Big Truck Tacos) [pic]: http://4sq.com/dYH00T

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@smeech I think AUPs should address social media too, but guidelines are also needed beyond policies

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@bengrey schools need both, but guidelines need to involve ongoing conversations. Policies can’t address all social media issues w finality

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New post: Teacher Blog Controversy in Pennsylvania Points to Need for Social Media Guidelines http://bit.ly/hawn1f

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@kristenswanson Great responses to this Natalie Munroe mess in the press. http://ow.ly/3Yr8a

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New post: Photo Geotagging Poses Privacy Risks, But Is NOT a Reason for Panic http://bit.ly/fkXjTj

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@eecastro Glad to surprise you with that image use. It’s a great quote and image - thanks for sharing it! http://j.mp/dNAuH6

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eecastro On the need for educators to use new lenses azjd.wordpress.com/2011/02/13/an-… HT @bhobbs63

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I’ve changed my Twitter profile link to http://about.me/wfryer - I really like the site’s simplicity h/t @eecastro

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I just unlocked the “Newbie” badge on @foursquare! http://4sq.com/dNHdeW

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