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February 18th, 2011

RT @WhiteHouse The President toasts w/ heads of @twitter, @facebook, other tech biz leaders at dinner in Woodside http://twitpic.com/413q50

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@alexinman97 a little more than 140 characters :-) I like clash, roadmaps, and clear rebuttals

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Goodness me. Champ CX round with Neg CP and Aff running Wipe Out. It’s rather late, but at least it’s not a boring round :-)

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@ManuelGonzales I plan to be at - we’ll hafta get together! I hear @teach42 owes me a few drinks, so we’ll go wherever Steve is! ;-)

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@mramidon absolutely - perhaps the diagram was designed to incite laughter :-)

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Waiting to judge round 4 of CX at Norman HS - I wish Fri debate tournaments didn’t run so late! http://twitpic.com/419p9s

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As a former Texan, I think the high school artist in this class could have been a BIT more detailed http://twitpic.com/419c4u

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Hadn’t seen this before, home routers are getting more high tech every day! Guest pw login for home wifi http://ow.ly/3Zhwb

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@TParks aweseome - glad to help as always :-) @ScreenFlow is definitely the best screencasting solution on the Mac I’ve tried

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@ManuelGonzales congrats on your new job in Denver!!! :-)

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@ecammtweets Call Recorder doesn’t seem to work with the latest Skype version. http://ow.ly/3ZbGa Workarounds? @TParks needs2know!

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Heartland eLearning Conference with Michael Wesch: 7-8 March 2011 in Edmond, OK http://bit.ly/gbkZGG

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As it turns out, it’s 2011, not 2010. I forgot [sheepish grin}

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@berkmancenter Do you know if Yochai Benkler has an official twitter account? I found one but don’t know if it’s valid. :-)

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@@KidblogDotOrg our class blog is up now, but seeming to run very slow… http://ow.ly/3Z5FU

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@KidblogDotOrg Do you have an update to share about your server problems? My class blog is not accessible :-( http://ow.ly/3Z5Cl

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New post: How to Subscribe to a Website as a Channel in Google Reader, and Categorize / Organize it in a Folder http://bit.ly/e6JYbg

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Screencast: How to Subscribe to a Website as a Channel in Google Reader, and Categorize / Organize it in a Folder http://screenr.com/4Tv

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Just noticed all ads have been removed from http://wfryer.wirenode.m… I wonder if that’s related to last week’s post?! http://ow.ly/3Z0ZO

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Complete power surge failure this morning at @UCOBronchos College of Education - a great time to be working on a laptop w/battery backup

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@jaquesnell well, unfortunately the use of fear as a motivator for action or inaction continues to be a favored strategy for many leaders

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@ddraper you are most welcome - it’s a treat to get to hear @willrich45 and further share his ideas / thinking :-)

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New T4T FAQ: Scratch Project Won’t Open http://ow.ly/3Z0kP

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