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February 25th, 2011

I just unlocked the “You’re Not In Kansas Anymore” badge on @foursquare - but I AM in Kansas! http://twitpic.com/43s767

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@kcaise I actually read a Yelp recc 4a shreddedbeefenchilada last night… Power of suggestion

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@hoke very true - all legislators have to say is “these gambling funds will help education / our kids” and we naively rush to the polls…

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@acarvin thank YOU for your tireless work and contagious spirit of sharing :-) You inspire me & many others

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@technologytoni that’s a great question - icons of USB thumb drives might not make as good an avatar as a floppy disk!

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@DahlD @Philip_Cummings Photos coming soon! I was remiss in my responsibilities tonight!

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RT @k_shelton @cbell619: New book: Google SketchUp 8 For Dummies http://bit.ly/hZPHOJ

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I’ve officially started a new, licit love affair with shredded beef enchiladas :-)

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RT @kathyschrock Rewrkd (with his permission) Harry Walker’s evaluation rubric for iPod/iPad (edu) apps http://j.mp/ggOKv4

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As he did with @acarvin is providing great coverage of - social media news coverage at its best

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@damian613 congrats on your interview & good luck :-)

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RT @ccassinelli Help me out Librarians - need list of YA historical novels from 1900-present based on real events

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RT @markwagner: Today’s iPad in Education session (by @digitalroberto) at : http://ow.ly/1s4PUy

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@mguhlin I’d say YouTube & Vimeo if content filtering can be addressed for your context

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RT @mguhlin: What is the best way to host video for embedding in Wikispaces? http://plurk.com/p/avimiv

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@k_5remediation we have > 90 casinos in Oklahoma- it’s great for many tribes who need the $ & use it well, but it’s bad 4 many others

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Just learned Mulvane KS is getting a new casino opening in March- I wish our nation still had a vocal anti-gambling constituency :-(

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@hbraum yes absolutely - anyone can attend virtually - not just current Okies :-)

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@technologytoni absolutely - I thought of this when I 1st saw United Streaming & their floppy disk icon!

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Rdg @WSJ Google tweaking search algorithms to reduce spam site pagerank http://ow.ly/1s4PNY

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Great read: Technology and the Whole Child http://bit.ly/f9gI19 via @chrislehmann

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The Future Solidifies OS X Lion Really Will Maul The CD (And All Other Discs) http://bit.ly/frs6MQ -goodbye optical drives, I won’t miss ya!

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360 degree photo taken with Sfera - Manhattan Snow - http://sfera-360.com/?id…

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