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February 27th, 2011

New post: iPhone Video Edited with Splice

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thezebraprint New Post: Episode 07: Trampoline http://www.thezebraprint…

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shannonmmiller HarperCollins Limits E-Book Lending by Libraries from

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I’ve added links to 4 exemplary educator professional portfolios on my Platforms for Publishing wiki page

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With help from a friend FAR geekier/smarter than I, I’m getting setup via Amazon EC2 for a @storychasers FAQ website

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New post: Student Presentation on an iPad

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@mr_rcollins Yes, Dropbox did the trick and worked super :-) Thanks

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Bummer. Only plus (paying) members of @Vimeo can make mobile versions of videos which are iOS compatible

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Great article on live news webcasting, changing journalism landscape, OTT via @courosa: “cast locally, stream globally”

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RT @courosa: “A New Source of Great Talks on Learning”

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@mguhlin congrats on your inbox zero milestone! I want to be like you :-)

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@gibsonsgolfer thanks - both good ideas. @Dropbox worked for me after I increased the offline cache storage setting, & played the videos

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