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March 1st, 2011

@JudyArzt No, I haven’t heard an update on - I think the panic was a bit premature. Anyone else have an update?

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@kiwispouse Oh I love @diigo and it’s my primary social bookmarking platform - I have it cross-post to delicious. Just seeing options.

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Great article about @justinbieber What Every Entrepreneur Could Learn from… by @msuster

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7792 delicious links imported into - wow (a 2 MB file with bookmarks going back to 2005!)

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If delicious ever dies (I hope it won’t) @Pinboard looks like a viable option…

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Just setup an account with - kinda similar to friendfeed but allows social bookmarking

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PBSKIDS Q7: here are some ideas on exploring science on the playground from @pbsparents -

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Just wrote a student letter of recommendation for OSSM (one of the best kept free public ed secrets in Oklahoma!)

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@idarknight yes, good point… I forgot he was out on medical leave and won’t be the grand MC tomorrow :-(

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RT @acrozier22: Here is the resource for tonight’s webinar on transitioning to Google Apps……

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storychasers We received our first set of Storychaser logo’ed polos & tshirts today - they look GREAT! Just in time ce11 !

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How can I listen to a live audio stream of Steve Jobs’ keynote & iPad2 announcement tomorrow on my iPhone over 3G?

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New post: Apple Mini DisplayPort to DVI Adapter incompatible with Tandberg DVI Cable

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jonbecker “Who Elected Bill Gates?” Another virtuoso performance by @garystager. Well done, Gary:

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@BethAdamczyk Glad to make the connection today! I hope it helped more of your teachers get interested in Twitter’s possibilities!

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@Montberte I don’t think it works that way :-) (Nice try tho!)

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I’ve posted all the int’l cooking shows by @thezebraprint on a single YouTube channel…

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In a videoconference with teachers in Buffalo NY talking about Twitter http://www.buffalosemina…

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I added the Ustream video archive & links to resources from last night’s ress meetup notes

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I’ve renewed by Skype Out number - if you’ve tried to call the last couple weeks & couldn’t get thru, now we know why :-)

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